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Zero water filter fluoride - Nikon 72mm circular polarizing filter

Zero Water Filter Fluoride

zero water filter fluoride

    water filter
  • a filter to remove impurities from the water supply

  • A water filter removes impurities from water by means of a fine physical barrier, a chemical process or a biological process. Filters cleanse water to various extents for irrigation, drinking water, aquariums, and swimming pools.

  • (Water Filters) A water filter is required to remove parasite contamination in big city municipal water supplies, and growing concerns about well water contamination in rural areas. It does away with the inconvenience and expense of purchasing bottled water.

  • Fluoride is the anion F−, the reduced form of fluorine. Both organic and inorganic compounds containing the element fluorine are sometimes called fluorides. Fluoride, like other halides, is a monovalent ion (−1 charge).

  • a salt of hydrofluoric acid

  • (fluoridation) the addition of a fluoride to the water supply (to prevent dental decay)

  • A compound of fluorine with another element or group, esp. a salt of the anion F? or an organic compound with fluorine bonded to an alkyl group

  • Sodium fluoride or another fluorine-containing salt added to water supplies or toothpaste in order to reduce tooth decay

Bellingham residents rally against Fluoride at City Hall

Bellingham residents rally against Fluoride at City Hall

Bellingham Washington residents rally against fluoride proposal in front of Bellingham city hall.

The rally occurred when a Seattle PAC attempted to force Bellingham to add fluorosilicic acid "fluoride" to the water supply.

Without the $258,000 plus spent on the media campaign, Bellingham would have rejected fluoridation 2-1. Another view of the rally for clean water.

Anti fluoride protest posters

Anti fluoride protest posters

Way to dilute your message with the swastika, idjits.

There are sensible principled objections to fluoridation but most of the anti-fluoride stuff is hysterical rather than rational.

zero water filter fluoride

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