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Fur Real Baby Bird

fur real baby bird

    baby bird
  • nestling: young bird not yet fledged

  • Babybird are a British indie band formed in 1995. The band is fronted by Stephen Jones, who has also released records as a solo artist, using his own name.

  • (Baby birds) Birds (class Aves) are winged, bipedal, endothermic (warm-blooded), egg-laying, vertebrate animals. There are around 10,000 living species, making them the most varied of tetrapod vertebrates. They inhabit ecosystems across the globe, from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

    fur real
  • FurReal Friends is a toy brand division of Hasbro created in 2002 that sells robotic pets.

fur real baby bird - Fur Real

Fur Real Friends Collectible Bird - Green/Orange

Fur Real Friends Collectible Bird - Green/Orange

Take care of this sweet baby bird and you'll be best friends! Feed your new feathered friend his bottle as he raises his head and opens his beak. Watch as he flaps his wings while you're playing, just like a real baby bird. And the more you play with him, the happier he'll be, making realistic baby bird sounds. Like birds of a feather, you two are sure to stick together!
Electronic baby bird comes with a bottle and an adoption certificate. Requires 3 "AAA" batteries, included. Measures 5.5"L x 5.75" W x 8"H.

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baby birds

baby birds

these baby birds were living on top of the air conditioner in my office. we found them when they took the AC out to clean the filter. wow. poor little birds do not even yet have any real feathers, not even downy fur. we put the nest back in the same place so hopefully the bird mother will find! we had to be extra vigilant in protecting them from theo who was prowling around on their trail.

Big Bad Pimpin Bobby Brown the Bird Man !

Big Bad Pimpin Bobby Brown the Bird Man !

Long story. Real guy. No costume. Really. circa 1990
Yes his name was Bobby. Yes he had Pigeons. The platic parrot ? Not sure whats up with that !

"bitch better have my seeds !!!"


fur real baby bird

fur real baby bird

Hasbro FurReal Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot

Squawkers McCaw the parrot is a talking, squawking and totally unpredictable play pal. It?s got plenty to say and plenty of attitudes. Startlingly realistic, this plush-plumed "animatronics" parrot acts up, speaks up and gets down with more than 45 words, phrases and sound effects, including his signature "Squawk, Squawk, Squawk" song and dance. It'll dance to your tunes, too. By teaching additional words and phrases, you can even "train" Squawkers to talk back to you, just like a real parrot. Be sure you have its cracker on hand when he gets hungry otherwise you'll hear about it. This Squawker comes with toy cracker, remote control, perch and instructions. It requires four AA batteries, which are included; remote control requires two AAA batteries, which are also included. It measures 12" tall.

The Hasbro FurReal Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot might be the sassiest toy ever made. Squawkers McCaw is a full-size toy macaw parrot who, just like a real parrot, repeats words, can be "taught" to speak, and responds to touch. Witty, energetic, and completely unpredictable, Squawkers takes interactive play to a whole new level. He is recommended for children ages 5 through 10.

This full sized toy parrot that can repeat words, responds to touch, and more.
Just Like a Real Parrot
Modeled after an actual macaw parrot, Squawkers McCaw has a velvety feather coat that makes him fit for cuddling. His vibrant blue, orange, yellow, and green markings are just like those of an actual macaw parrot. His feet are also fully articulated: He can stand on his perch or be propped up on a flat surface. And Squawkers doesn't just look just like a parrot -- he moves like one, too. Through highly innovative animatronics, Squawkers can move in incredibly convincing ways. He'll cock his head when confused or ruffle his wings when happy. He will even get down and dance to your favorite tunes, all while singing along. Squawkers loves mealtime, and comes with a cracker for when he needs to be fed.
Sassy and Talkative
The similarity to a parrot doesn't stop at physical appearance. Squawkers, with his advanced voice recognition system, can talk in a funny, squawky voice and repeat what your child says, just like an actual parrot. He has plenty to say and do the moment you bring him home -- for example, in response to "Hello" or "Are you hungry?", he'll respond with his own unique quips. However, he can be trained to do a whole lot more. Using the remote control, kids can program him to respond to their own custom questions. Kids can teach him to sing, tell jokes, and say whatever else they want him to say.
Full of Personality
Squawkers is a feisty parrot, and can actually switch moods depending on how your child interacts with him. He has a basic "repeat" mode, where he simply repeats any word spoken to him. He can also be humorous and playful, randomly responding to regular questions in nonsensical ways. Be careful, though: When Squawkers is irritated, he'll try to get attention by complaining and squawking loudly! Take good care of Squawkers McCaw, and you'll find that there is really no other parrot quite like him.
What's in the Box
FurReal Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot, toy cracker, remote control, perch, and instructions.

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