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Baby Girl Names Beginning With S

baby girl names beginning with s

baby girl names beginning with s - Daddy's Little

Daddy's Little Girls

Daddy's Little Girls

The soundtrack features The Houston Family (Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston & Dionne Warwick), Yolanda Adams, Anthony Hamilton, Jaheim, Music Soulchild & more. Music plays an integral part in this project and most of the soundtrack is featured in the film. This soundtrack just like everything else Tyler Perry takes on is a true partnership and companion piece to the film. Both previous soundtracks to Tyler Perry films have sold more than a quarter million units each.

Themes of faith, family, love, and patience reverberate through the soundtrack to celebrated director/ playwright/ actor Tyler Perry's film Daddy's Little Girls. It's a typically excellent album from start to finish; even the songs that don't appear in the film and were "inspired by" it actually for once do sound inspired by it, and seem in fact to have been written specifically for the movie. The record has gained some notoriety for including a song called "Family First," the first-ever recording by the Houston Family, pairing Whitney Houston with her mother Cissy, daughter Kristina, and her cousin Dionne (Warwick, that is). It's a joy to hear Whitney back in (almost) top form, though the soundtrack's best moment belongs to another collaboration, the remix of Anthony Hamilton's emotionally charged "Strle No More" by Jaheim with Musiq Soulchild. Charles Moore's cover of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" wins points just for trying, and for not swathing the tune in modern production, but it can't help but fall short. Contributions by R. Kelly, Yolanda Adams, and Governor are reasons enough to own this moving collection. --Mike McGonigal

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Sebby's story pt 3

Sebby's story pt 3

I saw Noah holding Cecilia, he was a vampire! And he was going to turn her into one too! "Noah what in bloody murder are you doing!?' i screamed "Having a late night snack your maids didn't make the cut." That also explained why some maids were vanishing. "but why my sister!?" screamed Ciel well said because, he always screams. "Thought maybe she'd enjoy the pain of being a vampire as well." He smirked. The rest young people i shall not say it is to brutel and just disgusting but Noah ends up dead alright? I threw his body into the woods where a bear would eat him or something. Cecilia woke up from a transe Noah put her in "Where am i?" she said "Cecilia you dork you dated a vampire!" "I WHAT!??!" Cecilia was so confused she didn't know what to do. The next couple days followed back into Cecilia's old habbits of following me. I have had enough of this! I will never feel the way she does for me. So i walked up to Cecilia and told her i will NEVER love her. "But that kiss, it was so magical didn't you feel sparks?" she asked "No infact i wanted to vomit and burn my mouth." "But you aren't giving us a chance! I can make this work for the both of us Sebastian." said Cecilia. Her and Ciel has ONE likeness they are both stubborn as hell. "No miss Cecilia i do not want to date you EVER, your too young and even if you were my age i just wouldn't feel the same way." Ciel heard all this and told me to take a long break "Look I'm giving you a couple centeries off because well my sister has been a pain in the ass to you." I went back to school and changed my age (i can do that from time to time) to be a teenager (Christian did too.) again. The days were full of education which was a lot of fun for me! Christian however skipped many classes to do rather innopropriate things with the cheerleaders. One day i was on my to class when i saw Christian bullying a poor young man. "Where ya going stupid? Off to go pay a girl to date you?" Said CHristian. How dare he bully a poor young man! He was beating this poor boy too. I slammed Christian against the wall and punched him (since i am the oldest i am stronger) "Christian leave him alone!" i screamed. I helped the boy up he had blond hair and blue eyes and two HUGE black eyes. I saw Christian's best friend Ryan beating up Jasper too but before i could almost kill him a women named Aubrey climbed on Ryan and started pulling his hair. It was rather funny to watch him getting beat up by a WOMEN. "Are you alright?" i asked the boy "Please don't hurt me!!!" he said in fear "I would never harm somebody like you now what is your name??" "Jacob but i like to be called Jasper." That began a tight friendship with Jasper. Well i had graduated high school (so did Christian which was a miracle). But then one day the doorbell rang and there i saw a little baby girl with strawberry blond hair and red eyes like Christian. She had a note on top of her saying
"Christian, this is your baby. I'm too poor now to take care of her. I blame you for everything I've done to take care of her!

-You know who"
"CHRISTIAN MICHAELIS!!! YOUR IN BIG TROUBLE!!" i screamed "Look i uh didn't mean to leave Sienna and Aden alone!" "You did what?!" "Nothing eh heh so whats up?" I handed Christian the basket with the baby inside "It's mine huh?" "SHE is yours!" "Well then take care of her for me while i go to the club?" He said as he was getting himself ready "ME? Fine but you have to the of a name." I said angrily " about Elizabeth after mom huh?" He said as he left. There i was alone with CHRISTIAN's infant. I wanted to punch the wall. Well at least she was cute.

tune into pt 4!

What a night....!!!

What a night....!!!

Valentine delivered......on a bad snow stormy night. The "twins"......yes, some of you were right.....she did have twins to my surprise...late last night. They were still wet laying by a pile of huge afterbirth.....oh how gross.

Val's legs were very shakey and her mouth kept opening and shutting quickly......all so strange. After staying with her and close to her a while, she quit doing that.

I figure they must have been born around 10:30 or 11:00 ish at night......I was still on the road "attempting" to get home after discovering that the entire time I was up in the barn.....we were having a snow storm. Our wonderful snow removal people had not yet cleared "any" roads......I went up the Main Road....called Chicora Hill sideways. Almost turned around to stay at a friends house in Chicora...but decided she'd already be in bed for the night and it would scare I didn't want to attempt to go "back down" a road I'd already had a horrible time getting up to begin with. !:00 am and sitting in a Subway..sandwich shop...parking lot..after I reached the top of Chicora Hill...watching for snow removal trucks.....then I ventured....creeping to get home.

Well anyway......

The little baby on the right......with an all white body guessed it....Valentine's son. He is big and burly and was the first to discovered where Mommy keeps her food.

The little one with the black head is Valentine's daughter.....she is the one I am worried about. She is nothing but bones. Possibly it is because she is a female....but her back was also hunched and that is not a good sign.

We all three were there and did not leave until "both babies" were eating from Valentine. They all three had Nutra Drench.....a liquid vitamin solution. No one likes to get this but it is supposed to greatly boost an animal's body.

I am getting ready to leave now. I hope these babies are still well as Valentine. I think she will be fine but you just never know.

Last night Bambi appeared to be getting a larger bag.....but no mucus. She will be next.

The little Pygmy baby, Flossie, was standing much better and Della is an excellent Mother. Bella, on one side of them keeps peeking in looking at the new baby and Johnny Balls, on the other side keeps checking out the new baby situation. He probably wonders why "his Mother" is paying so much attention to that new little thing. Gosh she sure is tiny and cute.

Also forgot to say....I have sinus infection. Got Amoxicillin antibiotic today from the doctor to be on for ten days. Have felt yucky for a while it was time to get well once and for all.

No names yet....but thinking of Clarice for the little girl. That was the name of Valentine's Mother.....who died. The little boy will be sold. I hate to name him am sure he will get a name too.

* NOTE: Please let me know if I am making this difficult....uploading all of these photos at once. If you have "dial up"....I probably am creating a problem for you. Just wanted to share the experience. It will be helpful if you let me know in your comment. Thanks. : )

baby girl names beginning with s

baby girl names beginning with s

Beginning: Encouragement at the Start of Something New

Our lives are filled with beginnings.
A wedding. A birth. A graduation. A new job. Retirement. Starting a diet. Stopping smoking. Losing someone we love. Being single again. The dawn of each new day.
At times like these, when we may need encouragement or deserve congratulations, there is joy in knowing that "This is the Beginning!"
Warren Hanson is the author and illustrator of such well-known books as "The Next Place" and "Older Love." He has illustrated Tom Hegg's beloved "Christmas Tea" and "Peef" books, as well as Richard Jorgensen's "Reading With Dad," and many more.
With "Beginning," Warren Hanson brings us a message of encouragement at the start of something new. It is a message all of us will find meaningful many times over.

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