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Toy Baby Carriage

toy baby carriage

toy baby carriage - Badger Basket

Badger Basket Polka Dots 3-in-1 Doll Pram Carrier And Stroller - Pink/White

Badger Basket Polka Dots 3-in-1 Doll Pram Carrier And Stroller - Pink/White

This exciting item includes a Doll Pram, Carrier, and Stroller all in one! Features: Designed so that your child can take her dolls everywhere in comfort and style.] Bold Pink with White Polka Dots fabric completes the bouncy look. Lift the carrier off the pram to reveal a reclining stroller. Pram rocks and has 7.5 inch wheels. Carrier is 6.5 inches deep and can be attached to the frame so that the pram faces forward or faces your child as she pushes the carriage. Carrier also includes a fabric boot,cover, a fabric-covered-foam pad, and carrying handles. For dolls up to 24 inches. Measures approximately 15 inches W x 30 inches L x 32 inches H. Height of 27.5 inches to the top of the handle. Stroller,pram frame is easy-to-fold and is made of powder coated steel. Fabric parts are poly,cotton and can be spot cleaned. Wheels are plastic with plastic tread. Also includes a rubber grip on the stroller,pram handle. Can be enjoyed by children from three years old and up. All paints and finishes are non-toxic. Some adult assembly required. Illustrated instructions included. This item is a toy for use with dolls only. It is never to be used with real infants or pets. Doll not included.

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Ninong Rem and Baby Carl Zedrick

Ninong Rem and Baby Carl Zedrick

One of my favorite memories with Rem is when we had to buy a gift for his god daughter last January. We went to Baby & Co. in Rockwell since it was on the way home. Despite the numerous choices of toys and clothes, Rem wanted to get something practical. He finally chose this yellow mini bath tub which turned out to be very useful for the mother. Since the bath tub didn't come with a box, they got another box which is big enough for a baby carriage! I admit I was embarrassed when we walked back to the carpark with a Baby & Co. salesperson following us, carrying this huge yellow present. Good thing Rem was still driving that gas guzzler of a SUV so the gift fit perfectly in the trunk.

Last Sunday morning found us in the same situation when Rem had to buy a gift for his godson, Carl Zedrick. He wanted to buy the exact thing so we went to SM Makati instead. Problem is, we only had a total of 20 minutes to park, look for the gift, pay, giftwrap and dash back to the car and head to Burgos for the ceremony. For some reason, we were able to beat the clock and Carl's mum, Grace, was glad that despite the fact Rem just got in from Albay the night before, he came with a gift for Baby Carl. Little did she know we had to a mini amazing race to get that gift and arrive at the ceremony.

Anyway I know it's practical and cheap, but Rem has to think of something else to give besides mini bath tubs.

220/365-32 razzin frazzin rubber bumper

220/365-32   razzin frazzin rubber bumper


Ruby Rugby's brother bought and brought her back some rubber baby-by bumpers.

toy baby carriage

toy baby carriage

Victorian Pram White Pink Doll Stroller By for American Girl's Bitty Baby

Victorian-style doll pram makes a little girl feel so grown up. Big wheel pram comes with canopy, quilt and pillow. Ages 3 and up. Steel and polypropylene; polyester fabric. Some assembly required. The sleep area measures about 18"L x 9.5"W. The distance between the top of the handle to floor is 25", the distance between the horizontal handle bar and floor is 22".
Please note: there are 2 drilled holes on the handle but they have no function (see picture). The instruction may indicate a scroll was supposed to be attached to the holes, but manufacturer didn't include the scroll in the package.

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