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Baby Toys 12 Months. Colic In Breastfed Babies. Baby Doll Pram

Baby Toys 12 Months

baby toys 12 months

    baby toys
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Baby Toys- Close Up

Baby Toys- Close Up

A close up of the gumpaste baby stuff for the diaper tote bag cake. All gumpaste. The mom registered for that pacifier and the "Squinkle" baby toy. The bunny is from the Knuffle Bunny book. I had a much better time with the Converse shoes this, my 2nd time around. My Silpat provided a terrific canvas texture for stellastarchild's famous template.

jake did this --- see his toy pile? ((107/366)

jake did this --- see his toy pile?  ((107/366)

all the toys were in his play pen...but now he likes to toss them out....i will put them all back...but this time i did not, for he fell sleep!

it was as if he was cleaning out his play pen so to make his sleep area neat!

smiles : )

baby toys 12 months

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