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How Big Is A Baby At 11 Weeks. Tlc Baby Story.

How Big Is A Baby At 11 Weeks

how big is a baby at 11 weeks

    how big
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I C U :)

I C U :)

Hi Everyone!

This is Ishaan at 11 weeks, in his granma's hands, while his mommy is busy taking pictures of him :)

well, i just popped in to say a big HI to everyone who have been visiting my stream and conveying their best wishes, even though i was hardly near flickr for the past so many months..
you guys are so sweet.. i really appreciate every comment, every mail, those are such sweet gestures that i will never forget.

How is everyone doing? I am doing great.. a bit sleep deprived, but thats okay.. Ishaan is smiling a lot, which makes all the waking hours worth it.

I am not sure if i am back in flickr, or will i ever be back in flickr like i used to be.. but i will keep popping in once in a while to remind myself that i had a life before :))

okay, over to your streams...

Like clockwork...

Like clockwork...

My first four kids all cut their first teeth at eleven and a half months of age, plus or minus just a few days. Dalton followed suit. He finally cut his first tooth a couple of weeks ago. I finally remembered to snap a photo when he was chasing me around on the floor. He has pulled up a couple of times now, but he still won't crawl. He prefers to roll and "army crawl" all over the house and it gets him exactly where he wants to go.

how big is a baby at 11 weeks

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