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What Does My Baby Look Like At 37 Weeks : Pictures Of Baby Showers.

What Does My Baby Look Like At 37 Weeks

what does my baby look like at 37 weeks

    baby look
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Little Bob Sills (Remembering my Boss Dr. Robert Allan Sills, 1945-2006)

Little Bob Sills (Remembering my Boss Dr. Robert Allan Sills, 1945-2006)

A Tribute to Bob Sills by Linda Sills

Knowing Bob Sills seems to have touched the souls and had an impact on the lives of people of all ages and walks of life. What made this so?

Robert Allan Sills was born November 5, 1945 in French Hospital in New York City to a Canadian father and an American mother who met while working at the YMCA cafe at Northwestern. Bob was the younger of two; his older sister has always been involved in his life and they have always been extremely close. Like so many families of that era, the promise of California beckoned and the family moved to the El Cerrito foothills and would be the place where his parents would reside for the next 45 years.

Bob's parents provided a liberal, politically aware and caring atmosphere. They joined the Peace Corps when they were 55 and went to Liberia. This whet Bob's appetite to travel to Africa.

Bob attended a very large inner city school in Richmond. This school taught him many things about life but academics were not stressed. Instead, he played golf daily and became a scratch golfer. Only 8 students in his graduating class of 800 went on to college. Bob did not graduate from high school.

A community college provided him with just the right atmosphere to succeed and from there he transferred to San Francisco State where much of the anti-Vietnam war movement was fomenting. Bob showed his support by taking part in demonstrations and marches He graduated in 1969. The draft directed him into the Teacher Corps and he eagerly entered the world of education.

Bob met Linda Pearson on a blind date in 1967 at a casino at Lake Tahoe. Married in 1969, they have been inseparable 37 years. He described their union as synergistic. When two optimists join forces there is nothing they cannot do! They never doubted themselves and always chose the "road less traveled."

After Bob completed the two-year Teacher Corp program in Oakland, he was totally sold on becoming a teacher. A year of traveling in Europe was their next learning experience. They returned to Oakland and started working in an inner city elementary school.

The lure of international life beckoned. The Congo (TASOK) would be his first school international experience. Bob began as an elementary teacher and then had the challenge as well as satisfaction of beginning one of the first middle schools in 1974. Four teachers created a team, which provided the students with education at its best. He went to the Rumble in the Jungle and had the honor of meeting Ali before this incredible upset. A blend of optimism,adventure, and naivete allowed them to make a trip across Africa taking 11 weeks covering 18,000 KM. This proved to be the trip of a lifetime.

They returned to the US to work and then to attend graduate school and receive a Master's Degree together in education from Harvard with their two year old son, Todd, looking on. Ouagadougou was the next school that offered them a tandem job. Two years as a small school director allowed Bob to learn almost everything about running a school. Bob was then asked to be the first regional director for Africa, AISA, in Nairobi Kenya. After one year, he was elementary principal at IS Kenya for the next three years. The whole family rejoiced when Ashley was born in Kenya.

Accepted into the EDD program at Harvard Bob and family moved to the Boston area for two years where he completed the course work and worked at the new Principal's Center, bringing the best and brightest in education to Harvard. John was born and they left immediately for left for Bangkok.

As elementary principal at IS Bangkok, Bob thrived on the challenging demands of this fast paced school. He was instrumental in the purchase of the land and design of ISB. He was a person who liked having a shared vision and then working as a team toward achieving the vision.

Two years later Bob was selected to be the director at AS Rabat Much of the school was rebuilt under his close direction and the IB program was adopted. Rabat was home for nine years with one year away on Sabbatical to resurrect his Doctorate. Harvard said it couldn't be done! Bob loved proving them wrong. He completed his dissertation and graduated. During his tenure, he received the National Distinguished Principal of the Year awarded by US Secretary of Education.

As Director of WBAIS in Israel, Bob opened the first secular school in Jerusalem. JAIS opened with 7 students and now it has 58 and is a wonderfully viable school going to grade six.

Bob brought some lasting changes to WBAIS. He started the Peace League with Israeli public schools from the Christian, Jewish and Muslims areas, all competing using our sports facilities. To balance life in Israel, sailing became his new passion. He became the captain of a 50-foot sailboat and the family sailed in pristine waters around the world.

The acquisition of land for a new school was to occupy much of his time and

BaBy look

BaBy look

Es baby look fiz uma parte no comeco de 2010 e agora voutou pra mim adicionar mais detalhes , eu gosteii
2011 so esta comecandooo

what does my baby look like at 37 weeks

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