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Cutest baby photo contest free. Baby development at 3 months. Cost of a baby in the first year

Cutest Baby Photo Contest Free

cutest baby photo contest free

    baby photo
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  • (CUTE) Clean Urban Transport for Europe (CUTE, HyFLEET:CUTE) is a European Union initiative to fund, among other things, local hydrogen-powered public transportation, especially by buses.

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cutest baby photo contest free - Boo: The

Boo: The Life of the World's Cutest Dog

Boo: The Life of the World's Cutest Dog

Everyone loves Boo! His signature fluffy head and teddy bear like persona are irresistibly adorable. With nearly a million Facebook fans, and adding more each day, Boo is poised to become an international superstar. This charming book features exclusive new photographs of Boo doing all his favorite things: lounging around, playing with friends, exploring the whole wide world, and making those famous puppy-dog eyes. To know Boo is to love him, and this book is for anyone who loves the cutest dog ever.

85% (14)

Baby Marmot

Baby Marmot

I was going through my archives and found this shot I took last summer in Banff, Alberta. I saw this baby Marmot on a hike in the mountains near Lake Louise.

From Wikipedia:
The marmots are a genus, Marmota, of squirrels. There are 14 species in this genus.Marmots are generally large ground squirrels. Those most often referred to as marmots tend to live in mountainous areas such as the Alps, northern Apennines, Eurasian steppes, Carpathians, Tatras, and Pyrenees in Europe and northwestern Asia; the Rocky Mountains, Black Hills, Cascades, and Sierra Nevada in North America; and the Deosai Plateau in Pakistan and Ladakh in India. The groundhog, however, is also properly called a marmot, while the similarly sized but more social prairie dog is not classified in the genus Marmota but in the related genus Cynomys.Marmots typically live in burrows (often within rockpiles, particularly in the case of the Yellow-bellied marmot), and hibernate there through the winter. Most marmots are highly social, and use loud whistles to communicate with one another, especially when alarmed.Marmots mainly eat greens and many types of grasses, berries, lichens, mosses, roots and flowers.

Canon EOS 550D Digital Rebel T2i
Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
1/30 sec
ISO 100

Knitted baby owl hat and diaper cover set by Ava Girl Designs

Knitted baby owl hat and diaper cover set  by Ava Girl Designs

Baby gray owl hat with matching diaper cover knitted with extremely soft and fuzzy yarn is absolutely adorable. The hat features light pink eyes with ebony black button centers encircled with white edging. Ear flaps come done on each side ending in braids. The hat is topped off with gray and pink ears. The matching diaper cover features ebony black buttons that are adjustable to fit snugly around baby's tummy and features really cute tail feathers on the baby's bottom.

0 to 3 months

Care Instruction:

Hand wash recommended cold lay flat to dry.

cutest baby photo contest free

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