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Things to buy for baby - 7 week old babies.

Things To Buy For Baby

things to buy for baby

    for baby
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8-27-06 ?????(I want to buy toy)

8-27-06 ?????(I want to buy toy)

?????????,???????????,??????????????????,????2???????,?????????????,???????????,?????????,????????????,???????????????,??????????????,????????????6???,???????????????4???????????????????,???????????????,???????????3?????????,??????????????I already gets out of bed buys the breakfast, what a pity Chang Ch'ih that family today is on leave, thereupon has bought another not sandwich and the coffee, after finishes eating 2nd time repairs the hair to neighbor, this family store characteristic is the Lao Rong people are specially many, the picture is the family hundred year old year has the feeling very much, after afternoon finishes eating the food to feed the milk, goes to and scenery level road big Run sends window-shops, mainly is has a look to have the small advantage the napkin for baby, at present we all are the use help the valuable suitable paper diaper, but a Japanese system cheapest also takes above 6 Yuan, Previous time bought a system in round the world the shopping center by special price approximately each piece of more than 4 Yuan wonderfully to extend the paper diaper to let the daughter use in the daytime, however was mounting the pasting place too hard feeling is not very good, today sent the special price in big Run to buy a system by each piece of 3 Yuan breathes out happy, bought back takes a look looked only then knew was good uses.

Clothes I would love for the baby - pants and a pair of mittens

Clothes I would love for the baby - pants and a pair of mittens

These are things I would love to get, but for different reasons haven't so far:
1. Munster Fight Night leggings. So awesome but just too expensive for me. Seen on
2. Purebaby essential leggings - red. I might be able to buy these in Parramatta's Little Bambini or DJ's. Got to check that out.
3. Bonds Babytails. These are my favourite but really could only be used if the baby is a girl. Also - I have no idea where to find these things!
4. Pacman baby shorts. Can't remember where I saw these! Oops!
5. Little Horn Jungle Camo nappy cover. Love the contrast ribbing on these! Seen on Just trying to be good and not buy everything I love.
6. Munster Woodie Leggings. Also just too expensive. :-(
7. Another pair of Purebaby leggings, this time grey stripe.
8. More Bonds Babytails. Where are you?
9. Ants in your pants by Snoffs (found on I bought the ants nappy cover, can I justify the pants also?
10. More Bonds Babytails.
11. Unknown "praline" coloured trousers. Seen on Would've got these but the postage was $12!!
12. Red polka dot mittens by Oobi. Have you ever seen more awesome mittens? But alas, they are nowhere to be found.

things to buy for baby

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