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Baby Music Class : Babies In A Pool.

Baby Music Class

baby music class

    baby music
  • Baby music is the term used to describe music activity classes aimed at pre-school children and their parents, currently popular in the United Kingdom.

  • a collection of things sharing a common attribute; "there are two classes of detergents"

  • Showing stylish excellence

  • classify: arrange or order by classes or categories; "How would you classify these pottery shards--are they prehistoric?"

  • a body of students who are taught together; "early morning classes are always sleepy"

baby music class - Baby Ballet

Baby Ballet

Baby Ballet

A wonderful introduction for children to the world of ballet, especially designed for ages four through six. It contains all the aspects of a formal ballet class including a barre warm-up, stretches, center practive and across the floor combinations. All of the movements are explained step-by-step, followed by a performance of the steps by renowned dance teacher Rosemary Boross and her beginning pre-school students.

Budding ballerinas ages 4 to 6 receive a thorough introduction to ballet at the tutelage of "Miss Rosemary" Boross in this 36-minute video. The program features Rosemary Boross, a student helper, and a small class of preschool age dancers as they explore the basics of warming up at the barre, stretching, center work, dancing across the floor, and reverence. Miss Rosemary first describes and demonstrates steps like plie, tendu, sute, chasse, and grande jete, then leads her class through each step to the accompaniment of original piano music by Bruce Stephen Foster. Because the program covers a large variety of steps and progresses fairly quickly, it is most effective when used in conjunction with enrollment in an introductory ballet class. Alternately, young dancers may want to view the video in short segments, then follow with ample practice time to ensure the correct execution of each individual step. --Tami Horiuchi

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Oliver + S Music Class Skirt for Uniform Wear

Oliver + S Music Class Skirt for Uniform Wear

SweetPea's room has been decorated with antique books since she was a baby and I couldn't help myself with adding a prop. ;)

Music Class Revisited

Music Class Revisited

Revisited for an assignment at "Photographic Techniques: Children & Babies".

baby music class

baby music class

101 Rhythm Instrument Activities: for Young Children

The perfect book to introduce rhythm instruments to young children. The activities bring music into the classroom and offer ways for children to participate in the music experience, using rhythm sticks, sand blocks, bells, shakers, and more! Children make the sound of the ocean waves using shakers, pretend to be a train using sand blocks, create a rainstorm with rhythm sticks and perform circus tricks with jingle bells. Plus, they learn to play the instruments along with their favorite songs. 101 Rhythm Instrument Activities is perfect for parents, early childhood teachers and music teachers who work with toddlers through age six.
Abigail Flesch Connors is an early-childhood music specialist. Her programs include singing, dance, rhythm instrument activities, literacy/music activities and listening games.

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