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Baby hospital bag list. Baby stopped sleeping through the night.

Baby Hospital Bag List

baby hospital bag list

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baby hospital bag list - Medela Lactina

Medela Lactina Select Hospital Grade Breast Pump - BPA Free #016SC01

Medela Lactina Select Hospital Grade Breast Pump - BPA Free #016SC01

Ideal for initiating and sustaining milk supply, the Lactina is a hospital grade breastpump designed for long-term, daily use. The Lactina Select offers a variable speed setting on the pump to complement the variable vacuum setting on the piston/cylinder that is included with breastpump kits. Includes - Lactina Select Breast Pump with power cord - Hard Carrying Case - Instructions - 3-year limited warranty NOTE: All double pumping kits are sold separately. NOTE: This is a custom ordered item. The item is ordered from Medela after payment is received in our account. Item is shipped 7-8 business days from the date payment is received.

84% (11)

38 Weeks

38 Weeks

I accompanied Laura to her prenatal appointment today - all is well.
The bun remains in the oven.

I have what seems to be an ever growing to-do list of pre-baby activities.
No matter how many tasks I cross off, several things seem to take their place:
pack the bag(s) for the hospital
finalize the birth plan (w. Laura obviously)
finish reorganizing the 3rd floor
make more appointments to meet daycare providers
choose a daycare provider
review my birth partner book
start, then complete a few school projects
start, then complete a publishable paper for one of my mentors
launder the rest of the baby gear (which I affectionately refer to as the ButterMint Mountain)
oil and wax the cradle
bring the bulb planter up out of the basement
complete the bill-paying knowledge transfer
get my school loans in order
send my CV and cover letter to one of my externship locations
fill the freezer with more meals and/or raw ingredients
and the beat goes on...



I used to be very "systematic" when at the mall. I used to "divide" the family into 2: one kid and 1 yaya go with one parent to do half of the errands on the list while the other kid and yaya go with the other parent for the other half of the list. But since those terrorist threats, we now stick together like glue, all the time. Used to have flashlights in 2 bags, now even the nannies have their own, the baby bag has its own designated flashlight never to be used for anything else but.

baby hospital bag list

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