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Tv repair question. How to repair a xbox 360 disk. National windshield repair.

Tv Repair Question

tv repair question

Target 11 Investigation - Hazelwood Street Collapse

Target 11 Investigation  -  Hazelwood Street Collapse

These folks got some air time during an investigaton of a road collapse in Hazelwood. Guy Costa, a Pittsburgh public works spokesman, claimed the city was unable do repair the street because the documentation on who owned the street was destroyed years ago.

So the people on this street can just watch as their street falls in to adjacent railroad tracks.

The reporter failed to respond to Costa by not saying , "documentation destroyed, how does that happen" or "who do you THINK owns the road" What kind of investigation is it when they do not even ask questions? Or is it better to show depresed looking people for visual impact.

So what is a "Target 11 investigation" anyway?

Thanks Karen Wells, it was not really an investigation. Thanks for not challanging Mr Costa in any possible way. Sure it was nice that he came to the scene for an interview, but for God's sake have the 'nads ASK him a question. The city puts salt on the street but they do not do repairs. There was a missed opening to go a bit deeper.

It was a report, not an investigation.

By the way I missed this, the girl in the back stuck her tongue out at the camera during this shot and they allowed it to be shown. How degrading is that? That proves that using outrageous images are important to the production of the news.

6/13 TV Report.

6/13    TV Report.

Le reportage tele.

The Story:


I have 2 Hard Drives to save all my work, all my photos, and of course all my Plastic Life set. They work in "RAID", copying all the time the same files.

It was supposed to be a safe way to save my files.

But, November 12 2010, my 2 hard drives crashed down. I still don't know how it happened. They didn"t come up on my different computers. everything was off.

I had to put them out from their boxes to bring them to some repair shop. I did it, and i brought these 2 strange naked machins to some shop in Paris. They couldn't fixe it.

Then i realised that in these 2 metal and green plastic hard drives that i was holding in my hands, was stucked all Plastic Life, all the past of my little characters. All their real life was fucked inside these 2 machines.

Me, i couldn't do anything else to save their past... so i thought... "maybe THEY can do something... maybe my little people can try to save themselves, they own past, their own history, their own real life!"

So, during one all week-end, i have shot them, my tiny characters, living on my hard drives, working on them, doing their best...

Here is their new story... trying to answer to that question: IS PLASTIC LIFE DEAD?

tv repair question

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