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Professional camera flash. Z1 camera for sale.

Professional Camera Flash

professional camera flash

    camera flash
  • A flash is a device used in photography producing a flash of artificial light (typically 1/1000 to 1/200 of a second) at a color temperature of about 5500 K to help illuminate a scene. A major purpose of a flash is to illuminate a dark scene.

  • (of a person) Engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime

  • Of, relating to, or connected with a profession

  • Having or showing the skill appropriate to a professional person; competent or skillful

  • engaged in a profession or engaging in as a profession or means of livelihood; "the professional man or woman possesses distinctive qualifications"; "began her professional career after the Olympics"; "professional theater"; "professional football"; "a professional cook"; "professional actors

  • an athlete who plays for pay

  • a person engaged in one of the learned professions

professional camera flash - Master's Guide

Master's Guide to Off-Camera Flash: Professional Techniques for Digital Photographers

Master's Guide to Off-Camera Flash: Professional Techniques for Digital Photographers

By emphasizing basic principles of good lighting and how to apply them, this informative guide shows advanced amateur photographers and professionals how to improve their photographic skills. After explaining different types of light, flash basics, and the benefits of on- and off-camera lighting techniques, it discusses how to use this information to increase the ?gasp factor”?that powerful, emotional response that compels the viewer to take a second look at a photograph. Also included are assignments meant to help solidify this new flash knowledge for the photographer in order to put it into practice. As a bonus, the book contains inspirational stories demonstrating real-world applications of the techniques from a photojournalist with decades of experience.

89% (16)

Sunday Strobist

Sunday Strobist

I was asked to shoot my friend's retail shop in Mandarin Gallery on Orchard Road and I thought it was a great idea to play with some off camera flash. So I brought three strobes, a lightstand, a gorrilla pod, pocket wizards. I thought I was prepared.

I was not.

I simply didn't bring enough lights (Could do with 3 more strobes). Nor did I have any warming gels to match the tungsten in the shop or any light modifiers to sculpt the light. If I had done the job as a paid professional, I would have been exposed as woefully inept. But what a great learning experience it was! Now I know a deeper respect and appreciation for PROs like Cory Lum, SimFeeNee who have to light places up. It's not easy I can tell you.

My bad.

Can you tell where I placed my strobes? 3 all together.

Original Diana F

Original Diana F

I just got this genuine Diana camera on an e-bay auction. I felt it was time to show off my camera's after being on Flickr for over a year now. This camera was never used with all the original stuff including the lens cap, strap, instruction book, flash and Box. Already loaded for action.

professional camera flash

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