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Repair a broken hard drive : Shingle roof repair : Top ten credit repair companies.

Repair A Broken Hard Drive

repair a broken hard drive

Breaking Point: ASD Spill

Breaking Point: ASD Spill

So stressed this week. Next week is more than likely going to overload me. My birthday is this month, I don't think its special. I'm throwing my twin a surprise party.. Literally. There's too many choices, obvious ones, critical ones, college. One too complex to be handled. Life is completely going in so many directions right now. I feel so hyper lately its scarring me. I've never felt this giddy before. The only thing going well in life is my grades are near to perfect, the musical is going over too well for now sound head wise. Only down thing is that my sister and I have been at each other's throats and its never been this bad before. And other personal things but I just feel like dropping off the face of the earth. I lost a friend, I'm full of raging teenage hormones (creeeeeepy) but its true. I need Spring Break to get here so I can sleep for a week, go camping, and have a wonderful time being nearly legal without a curfew. Cool right? Well I just bragged a lot. BRAG TO ME BABY.

While looking at this photo I was thinking of a few things.
1. You see my hair line? It was shaved that way. I have a scar behind my left ear due to my three surgeries. Last one was in the 6th grade. Doctor said I need another one before too long. Not really content with that. I hate sleeping while people work on my ear.
2. Cartilage: got it pierced last spring. Its shattered; those of you who have one you should know what I might be talking about.

What if you could go back? Erase me. I'm a figment of imagination. I know you can hear me. I know you can see me breathing. That place where I knew that I could find you. I think I'll make a run for it, And if I don't find you there I'll search forever. (ASkylitDrive-See You Around)

The times we've lost can be repaired. So be prepared. The moments we burned into our minds. Yeah we'll be fine. (ASkylitDrive-City on the Edge of Forever)

There's just so much to be said. So much is running through my head. In a time staggered over the end. Maybe now can we pretend? (ASkylitDrive-This Isn't The End)

I'll take you away from this place. As legends go we are at the end. Here's a column of my own so let's begin. Walk with me. Talk with me. This place we cannot erase. The city only breathes through you. And all the cracks that you've fallen through. (ASkylitDrive-Prelude to a Dream)

You sent me out in the right field. Spilled my words and disguise. We're starting a rise. Now it's so true I can't go on without you by my side. Every night we die. Let go of the wires! (ASkylietDrive-Wires And the Concept of Breathing)

Listen to my story. This may be our last chance. 'Cause people die and people dance. (ASkyliteDrive-Balance) My favorite btw.

203/365 - Sony Vaio Laptops SUCK! (bad design)

203/365 - Sony Vaio Laptops SUCK! (bad design)

A client's laptop had a motherboard go bad on it, so I did what I normally do and try to back up any data on the hard drive before it gets sent out for warranty repairs. So when I went to get at the hard drive on this particular Sony Vaio laptop, I found that it required the removal of a dozen screws and sweat-inducing care to not break any of the clips as you disassemble the keyboard (?!?!) so you can move it away and get to the hard drive.

The empty area to the bottom left is the spot where the hard drive goes.

Most laptops take 2-4 screws to access the hard drive and usually from the bottom and/or side - and take less than 2 minutes to remove. This one took me about an hour the first time - most of which was spent trying to get tiny and thin clips to let go without snapping any off. It took me 20 minutes the second time around. No clips were broken, either!

Trust me, stay away from buying these. They're not worth the extra money and will end up costing you even more to get repaired when (not if) something eventually fails.

repair a broken hard drive

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