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Bill Hayward Carpets. Rug Braiding Supplies.

Bill Hayward Carpets

bill hayward carpets

    bill hayward
  • William Louis "Colonel Bill" Hayward (July 2, 1868 – December 14, 1947) was a track and field coach for the University of Oregon for 44 years, and a coach for six United States Olympics teams.

  • Bill Hayward is a former a rugby union international who represented United States of America in 1991.

  • (carpet) cover completely, as if with a carpet; "flowers carpeted the meadows"

  • A thick or soft expanse or layer of something

  • (carpeting) rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)

  • form a carpet-like cover (over)

  • A floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric, typically shaped to fit a particular room

  • A large rug, typically an oriental one

bill hayward carpets - Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior is a radical new approach to portraiture. Rather than photographing his subjects posed in front of standard, neutral paper backdrop, photographer Bill Hayward boldly invites them to transform the backdrop in any way they choose. Armed with scissors, brush, and paint, the subjects take over, creating fascinating, often amusing, and always revealing portraits. Some use the backdrop to paint portraits, some create landscapes, some write words or phrases, while others create entire stories. Many choose to transform not only the backdrop, but themselves--removing their clothes and/or painting their bodies in the process.

Hayward's subjects are luminaries in a variety of creative fields: painters, actors, directors, dancers, writers, musicians, and poets. Among these are several well-known figures, such as actors Willem Dafoe and Mary Beth Hurt, poets Sharon Olds and Gerald Stern, artists Nancy Spero and Leon Golub, writer Michael Cunningham, musician Michael Feinstein, the late author and actor Quentin Crisp, and comedian Al Franken.

With anecdotes revealing what went on behind the scenes and an illuminating foreword by art writer and critic Carter Ratcliff, Bad Behavior is a fascinating and important new form of portraiture and a tribute to the creative spirit.

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Steve Prefontaine receives the Bill Hayward Award trophy as Oregon's premier outstanding athlete of 1970, February 1,1971, the Sheraton Hotel, Portland

Steve Prefontaine receives the Bill Hayward Award trophy as Oregon's premier outstanding athlete of 1970, February 1,1971, the Sheraton Hotel, Portland

Oregon sophomore Steve Prefontaine receives the Bill Hayward Award trophy as Oregon's premier outstanding athlete of 1970, February 1,1971, the Sheraton Hotel, Portland, Oregon, Eugene Register-Guard photo, February 2,1971. The banquet emcee and award presenter standing with Pre is Bill Mulflur, president of the Oregon Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association.

The info below is quoted and derived from an article by Bud Withers of the Eugene, Oregon, Register-Guard, Feb 2, 1971:

Two days after being named the outstanding athlete of the Oregon indoor track meet, University of Oregon Sophomore Pre accepts the Bill Hayward Award as the state's premier athlete of 1970. The presentation was made at the 23rd annual Hayward Banquet of Champions at the Sheraton Hotel in Portland.

"I want to thank everybody for this most rewarding honor," he said. "I hope I can follow in the footsteps of all the past great winners."

He accumulated an impressive list of accomplishments in earning the award: the 1970 NCAA 3-mile championship and first in the 1970 NCAA cross country meet at Williamsburg, Virginia.

Pre won four awards in the annual Bill Hayward presentations. In 1970 he was named high school athlete of the year for 1969. He received the amateur athlete of the year award for 1970, 1971 and 1973. Mary [Decker] Slaney would match this record with athlete of the year wins for 1982, 1983, and 1985. She praised the memory of Pre and how he called her about too much training hurting her talent, leading her to transfer to Oregon.

The eight other finalists were Bob Newland, Oregon football's standout split end; Steve DeAutremont, the collegiate hammer-throwing champion from Oregon State; Jess Lewis, former Oregon State wrestling star; Cathy Gaughman, Eugene's top amateur golfer; Craig Hanneman, OSU's all-star football tackle; Stan Love, Oregon's all-time leading basketball scorer; Tim Von Dulm, Portland State's record-shattering quarterback; and Willie Turner, Oregon State sprint star.

Other awards were given for the Slats Gill Man of the Year Award (Harry Glickman executive VP of the Portland Trail Blazer basketball team and president of the Portland Buckaroo hocky club); Prep Athlete of the year (Tinker Hatfield Jr, 3-sport star of Central Lynn HS); Pro Athlete of the Year (Art Jones, Buckaroo hocky team high-scoring center); and two Special Merit Awards (Jim Puckett (former Oregon trackman and director of the Rose Festival track meet; and Len Casanova, former long-time Oregon football coach).

Tinker Hatfield Jr. went on to the University of Oregon where he studied architecture while being coached by the legendary Bill Bowerman in track. Hatfield once held the University of Oregon's record in the pole vault and placed sixth in the 1976 Olympic trials. He joined Nike in 1981 and has become a chief product designer there with design credits that include the first cross country training shoe, the Air trainer, and the Air Jordan and Air Max series of shoes.

Featured speaker at the banquet was Bo Schembechler, head football coach at the University of Michigan.

Hayward Field on the University of Oregon Campus

Hayward Field on the University of Oregon Campus

The University of Oregon’s historic track & field venue was named after the University’s first head track coach, Bill Hayward. Hayward directed the Ducks’ track & field program from 1904 to 1947. Hayward Field has hosted three Olympic Trials, and a variety of National, NCAA, and Masters championships.
Hayward Field was first built as a football stadium in 1919. In 1921 a six-lane cinder track was added. The track was widened to eight lanes in 1970 and its first all-weather surface was applied. In 1983, the infield was leveled to remove a crown and improvements were made in the shot put area, the javelin runway and the high jump apron. Also added was an all-weather inner lane for jogging.

bill hayward carpets

bill hayward carpets

People From Hayward, California, including: Bill Walsh (american Football Coach), Kristi Yamaguchi, Josh Ryan Evans, Dwayne Johnson, Hamza Yusuf, Max ... Graham Cooper, Andre Ward, Johnny Estrada

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