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Automobile Repair Books

automobile repair books

    automobile repair
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Dr. J. O'Neill Eddy House

Dr. J. O'Neill Eddy House

Left: This is the front of the house facing the Ohio River as seen today. About ten years ago a tree had crashed against the right side and roof during a storm causing heavy damage that was never repaired.
Top right: A photo of what the house looked like in its prime. I took the shot from a book on Tyler County West Virginia owned by a neighbor who lives next to the old home.
Center right: The left side of the house is still fairly intact.
Bottom right: The front entrance taken from the top step that is strangled in weeds. It is thought that this home was built around 1880.

A condensed history:

J. O'Neill was the youngest of eight sons born to Jane and Benjamin Eddy of Newport Ohio in 1882. J.O'Neill and three of his brothers became doctors and together opened an office in St. Marys West Virginia. J.O'Neill was one of the first people in the community to own an automobile with which he went to see his patients day or night in any kind of weather. In 1907 he married Stella Nay. They had two children, Hilda Jane in 1908, and Edward Blake in 1910. The family moved to Friendly in 1915 and occupied this home.
The influenza epidemic of 1917-18 took its tool on the health of J.O'Neill leaving him with a weakened heart. He passed away from it in 1931. Stella had acquired an indepth medical knowledge and served the area as a licensed midwife. She was active in school, lodge and church affairs and served on the State Senatorial Committee and continued her endeavors after J.O'Neill's death. In 1936 Stella was elected mayor of Friendly with an all woman council, the first woman in West Virginia to be so honored.
Hilda Eddy taught school in Tyler County, married Chester Webb of Friendly, gave birth to a daughter in 1946, and moved to Dayton Ohio. Chester worked at Wright Field and died in 1961. Hilda continued to teach in the Dayton schools, until she retired, then moved to Florida. She died in 1981.
Edward Blake Eddy returned from the army at the end of WWII and married Virginia Haught Bowen. They had one daughter together and two children from a previous marriage (Virginia's). Edward became the mayor of Friendly 30 years after his mother. He died in 1970.

Fringford, Oxfordshire

Fringford, Oxfordshire

The Post Office and Forge

Automobile Association
Old Road Sign attached to the former Post Office and Forge

Fringford is where Flora Thompson, the author of Lark Rise To Candleford, worked in the Post Office described in her book. The Post Office and adjoining Forge still remain (now converted to a private house).

automobile repair books

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