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Stop Car Repair Bills

stop car repair bills

    car repair
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Bridport Motor Accident - Aug 14 1999

Bridport Motor Accident - Aug 14 1999

There as I sitting about a foot behind the white stop line waiting to cross the Bridport by pass and turn right, when the guy in the white Peugeot comess sailing of the brow of the hill travelling East on the dual carriageway well over rthe sensible speed limit. Just imagine it wife, two children and a camping trailer not in truth fully aware of what was happening on the other carriageway. On the other carriageway is an elderly driver in a Volvo Estate, who turns right instead of stopping and then stops partway into the Eastbourd Carriageway. Oh my Gawd thinks the Peugeot driver, brakes hard on, slides alone ther front of the Volvo which pushes him off course and into my front.. Luck would have it I had stopped short otherwise he would hit me square one with the offside wheel, doing no godd to the cv joint, engine mounting and gearbox.
The results were
- bent front wing and headlamp housing to my car, but still driveable
- a long scratch and loss of numberpalte on the Volvo
- as for the Peugeot, bent nearside front corner and loadss of damage down the full length of the offside.
All because of one driver speeding and two drivers not keeping their eyes open.
Gilly was with my sister and her husband in the queue which built up behind me, and had a near brown underware moment when she realised it was me, only to find I was out takig notes and photographs - somewhat peeved but undamaged personally.
The boys in blue turned up but did not measure the skid marks, perhaps they thought it was not necessary since there appeared to be no injuries, alhough the passengers in the Peugeot were shook up and went to hospital for a check up. A stange this was that a chap turned up who spent a lot of time on his mobile phone and talking to the Peugeot driver.
The outcome
- when I got home, we were on holiday, there was a letter from one of the insurance companies advising me they would pay for my repairs giviing details of a bodyshop in Eastbourne. They lent me a pathetic little Peugeot, no subsitute for a SAAB 9000, and I had to pay ?50 from my insures for an extra cover note. I slipped up there and should have billed that back to the insures who sent me there.
- the Volvo drivers was not prosecuted but surrendered his license. This is a acommon thing nowadays with accidents involving older drivers.
- the Peuguot driver, nothing. I did enquire with Dorset police and they came up with the lame excuse that they had over-run the time limit.
This SAAB of mine was any early 9000 to be registered in the up.

sky on fire.

sky on fire.

I miss this place.
I miss the feeling I at the top.
Cold, yes, but every shivering gust of wind and brief retreat to the
inside of the car brought me a real, tactile, sensation, that I was
here, I was alive, and doing the best I could.
Real friendships can come out of three days time.

Thinking back on this weekend, wearing someone elses (read: STOLEN)
Frost Valley hoodie (as it is unseasonably cold here right now..)
I wish I could be back there.
For a few moments, I didn't really have anything to worry about.
Now, though..
Well. Circumstances and things being what they are..
(indeed, I remarked to derik one day before the trip that things were
too good..)
My laptop is broken. (it's going to get fixed)
Right now, I am uncertain whether I will be able to continue my
education here at SCAD, mainly money issues. (this might get fixed
With a new car to buy, insurance to pay, and the 900 dollars recently
liquidated from my possession (read: laptop repair, bed, bills)..
I may have to leave this place I love. Student loans and expectations
both hanging over me like so many vultures.
I'll stop doing the thing that's brought me the greatest sense of
happiness I've known in a long time.

This past year has brought me so much farther than I've ever been in my life;
and I will be sad to see it go.

Hoping against hope there's a way to make it out of this.

If there's not, then I at least tried my best to make it, and came pretty close.

See you on the other side.

stop car repair bills

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