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South Bay Cooking School - French Cooking Chicken Recipes - Free Cooking Classes In Nyc.

South Bay Cooking School

south bay cooking school

    cooking school
  • A cooking school or culinary school is an institution devoted to education in the art and science of food preparation. It also awards degrees which indicate that a student has undergone a particular curriculum and therefore displays a certain level of competency.

    south bay
  • South Bay may refer to: In the USA: * South Bay (San Francisco Bay Area), subregion of the San Francisco Bay Area * South Bay, Los Angeles, region of Los Angeles County, southern California * South Bay, former name of Fields Landing, California * South San Diego, region of San Diego County in

  • South Bay is a waterway in Kivalliq Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is located in Hudson Bay, off southwestern Southampton Island. It is west of Native Bay. The Kirchoffer River empties into the bay.

  • South Bay is a bay in the Laguna Madre in Texas separated from the Gulf of Mexico by Brazos Island. It is the southernmost bay in Texas, about north of the Texas-Mexico Border.

Diving in Albania - Jal Diving School 2005

Diving in Albania - Jal Diving School 2005

The Grama bay is a pristine, Mediterranean paradise in South Country. Dive into its clear blue waters to snorkel over vibrant coral reefs teeming with hundred species of brightly coloured fish, giant clams, marine turtles and dolphins. The tour offer fantastic diving in the most popular and beautiful areas in Albania South Country which have varying attractions and beauty’s, snow white beaches in pristine condition and relatively untouched.

7 Days of Diving in Albania
(For a group not more than 6 divers)


Arrival at Rinas Airport (Tirana) (or Arrival in Durresi Port). Welcome Party with introduction of the program for 7 Days. An alternate Program,which can be influenced by the diving. Group,will be presented. Showing films for underwater in Albania


Aim: Adventure diving
Dive in History. Drive in Vlora coastline (Jonian sea).
Morning Program: What to expect?
Wreckdive to an second World War ship from20-35 m deep called "Spitalier"
Second dive in wrecked boat of Second World War in 27 m. This boat is full with municion of war
Afternoon program:
Drive to touristic area of National Park of Llogora.
Lanch in Mountain area of Forest Park Llogora.
Drive to south,to beach village Dhermi.
Acomodation in hotels of Dhermi.


Aim: Getting familiar with the conditions and specialities of the Ionian sea.
Morning program: Visit to Yala
What to expect?
15 min Drive by Minibus/Off road car Dive at a reef in beach area up to 40 mtr of depth
Barbeque at the beach,alternatively .Lunch package
Or a ride to a near restaurant.
The accommodation for cooking and lunch.
Afternoon program:
Trip to Big Canion of Gjipe by boat
Walking in Big Canion,making foto ,film
Trip by boat to Cave of Pirats
Dive in the front of the Cave (from 20-30 m)
Returne to Yala followed by a dinner near the beach
Sleep in Yala hotels


Aim: Diving and History
Morning Program:Visit of Porto Palermo (Panormi Bay). 30 min drive by Minibus/Off road car.
What to expect?Diving in the abandoned Albanian submarinebase of Porto Palermo.In 28-37 m deep ancient amfora and fish.Visit to the fortress of Ali Pascha Tepelena known as the Lion of Janina.This fortress is lying next to the diving area. Drive to Himara for Lunch.
Afternoon program :Second dive in Porto Palermo
Dive in the reef from 30-45 m.You can see lobster,fish etc.Trip to Saranda City.Acomodation in Saranda Hotels

5 Day:

Aim: Diving and History
Morning Program: Dive in wrecked ship of second World War in
20 m deep.Visit to Archeologic City of Butrinti
Trip to National Parc of Blue Ey.
Adventure dive in big underwater cave of Blue Ey.
Trip to Museum city of Gjirokastra


Aim: Adventure diving
Morning Program : Visit in Castel of Gjirokastra
Trip to Black Ey area.
Dive in Black Ey hole (37m deep or more)
Transfer to Tirana City (The capital of Albania)
Goodbye Party


All programs are proposals and my be influenced by the guests in order to provide convenient
Diving for all grades of divers. Alternate programs will be offered as well to fullfill the
Requirements of our guests

The South Bay

The South Bay

The South Bay. This is a hilltop view of Los Angeles from someones back yard in Palos Verdes. I love these land / city scape shots but nobody ever comments on them. I guess it's because I don't take the time to create proper stitched panoramas. Nah, I still don't think anybody would like them but me. They really aren't very interesting unless you are there.

south bay cooking school

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