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What Is The Latest Nikon Camera. Olympus Camera Usb. Wide Angle Rear View Camera.

What Is The Latest Nikon Camera

what is the latest nikon camera

67/365 Say it ain't so Ms. Nikon!?1!/1?!? :(

67/365 Say it ain't so Ms. Nikon!?1!/1?!? :(

Notice anything different for today's picture? Check the Metadata!

This is my first photo without Ms. Nikon. (That's her name by the way, just made it up)

Anyways, I told you all a couple of weeks ago that Ms. Nikon sorta broke, but still worked. A piece inside the lens sort of cracked a little. Well, I was going to take it in to Best Buy, but have been slacking since it still worked. Well today, I took one picture and it said ErRORrrr! I unscrewed the lens and the piece totally broke off.....grrrr.

Luckily, I rented out a Canon camera at school last week to prepare for this horror. So I unpacked it and snapped a quick one with Mr. Canon. He's ok I guess. But he doesn't make the same beeps as I'm used to with Ms. Nikon. Plus, I don't know what any of the buttons are and my remote doesn't play nice with him. O well.

Practially everyone I know has a Mr. Canon, so maybe I will start lovin' this brand over the next week, who knows. So, tomorrow I will have to say goodbye to Ms. Nikon for two weeks. It's going to be hard, but I think I can handle it.

And I'm not entirely sure why this photo is green, just sort of happened. I've been fooling around with Mr. Gimp lately, but he's no Ms. Photoshop, that's for sure. I just couldn't stand having to deal with regular looking photos anymore. I was created on this earth to edit photos with textures and trippy colors.

Yeah, I am crazy, if that's what you're thinking.... I DO give cameras and software genders, DEAL WITH IT!! I'm hyper.....

Damnnnnnn I just keep on typing...........

Oh yeah! I got a call back. I have been hired for a job..........



/cliffhanger ending/

Nikon F

Nikon F

This is a CLA of a working Nikon F. That it was working is a tribute to how good these cameras are. Unique are the titanium horizontal shutter curtains.

The slow speeds were not bad and the fast topped out around 250. The lubrication got gummy enough to drag all the rotating and sliding parts down. The whole mechanism is much smoother and easier after the CLA. The shutter speeds are tricky to adjust but they all fell in line. All the nobs and wind lever move easily. This has a solid feel. Built like a tank, this design can keep working and working.

You can tell this is a rev 1.0 design because it has dozens of extra pieces and screws to hold them compared to more modern cameras. I've never had to adjust, align, and screw in place so many parts just to close a camera.

The Photomic N head is another story. It's missing it's two front screws which is apparently a common problem. This allows the head to tip up and the pin to come out of the lens fork. This will be another project to get the meter to work and hack some screws to pull it together.

Tomosy's book is next to useless to work on this. It gives you a false sense of guidance. Unfortunately my first moves committed me to way more repairs than what I wanted. I discovered too late it tells you nothing about putting the mechanism back together in real world terms. There is an order and set of dependencies that is more than "reverse the dissasembly". At least I had the repair manual that is floating around the web to figure out the mechanism. I only had to dissasemble and reassemble everyting 3 or 4 times to get all of it right. Pretty lucky.

what is the latest nikon camera

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