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Average Income For Lawyers

average income for lawyers

"Hey Captain - just how long were we at sea???"

The juxtaposition of the old sailing ships against the modern Chicago skyline reminds me of "The Philadelphia Experiment". Imagine if a ship caught up in the Bermuda Triangle was suddenly released, and sailed home to discover that the world had changed so drastically..

And it's not just the buildings and modes of transportation that have changed. Who would have thought when these ships were built, that there would come a day when people would pay $30 each to sail to the mouth of the harbor, turn around, and sail back to the dock? Clearly it's not just the 1% that has prospered in America.

What used to pass for 'middle class' would put today's oppressed 'poverty class' to shame when it comes to deprivation. The average family in poverty today has at least two TV's, one VCR or DVR, air conditioning, cable TV, unlimited cell phone usage, and 'eats out' at least once a week. We had none of that growing up. And neither did any of our neighbors. Apparently we all grew up in abject poverty - and silly us - we didn't even know it!

Only rich people like doctors and lawyers and plumbers had a TV at all - and only the super-rich, like Elvis had TV in every room. And the idea that we would spend $75 dollars a month on cable, and $100 on a cell phone bill would have been laughable. But not as laughable as the idea that we would buy food for a family that has enough disposable income to buy those things and more.

Look.. I don't wish starvation on anyone. But man - our definition of 'poverty' has gotten out of whack. So have our programs meant to help those who truly need (and deserve) help. They have become self-perpetuating money machines that exist not really to help the helpless - but to sustain the programs and those who administer it. There is plenty of money to be made helping the poor if you do it right.

a beautiful vision of the future

a beautiful vision of the future

Part eight in a pretty lame series. What's the readerboard at the whiny coffee place nearby say tonight?

What's next?
Half nude nurses?
Perky police women?
Lucious lawyers?

Curvacious coroners?
Sexy CSIs?

Oh wait, those last two were mine. Apparently whomever put the sign up hasn't watched much television, you can find hot professionals everywhere on teevee. And it's about time life imitated art, let me tell ya... barristas are portrayed on television as anorexic with pimples and braces, or just average happy businesspeople wearing conservative clothes that fit correctly. Just like the naughy nurses, stunning cops, and fine lawyers... you seldom see real bean barons like the TV ones at your local independant coffee shack.

Rumor has it the competition will be washing cars for further income and traffic. Adapt and survive, and if they're in bikinis (this place's big complaint) they're already dressed for the job, right? But the real question is, will they be any better at washing cars than your average high school extracurricular club at the insurance office parking lot on a Saturday? Will this coffee place counter that by pulling out card tables and staging a bakesale in front of the shop?

Truth be known, I'm bored of this rivalry because it's one-sided. The competition do not care. Make a better cup of coffee, promote that swell stage that's in your shop, accentuate your positives, and stop kvetching like the guy you like is throwing you over for a cheerleader. I'll update the series when a worthwhile readerboard message comes up, but until then the "classy girls who keep their clothes on" really should consider that in real life, truly classy people know when to be silent.

Boffo! This photo somehow made it to Explore!

average income for lawyers

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