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Citizen Law Firm

citizen law firm

Charles E. Walters.

Charles E. Walters.

Engraved portrait of Charles E. Walters. Council Bluffs, Iowa. ca. 1880.

History of Pottawattamie County Iowa
Volume I, 1907:

"Charles E. Walters has displayed much of the spirit of the pioneer and of the inventor in the establishment and control of the business in which he is now engaged. He has wrought along new lines, developing a business the worth of which is widely acknowledged in banking circles. He is a dealer in bank stock and the publisher of The Confidential Banker, a monthly journal devoted to banking interests and the largest publication of this class in the United States.

Mr. Walters was born in Mendota, Illinois, on the 4th of April, 1865, a son of Joshua W. and Fidelia Walters, who were natives of Illinois and Pennsylvania, respectively. When our subject was about six years of age his parents removed to Fillmore county, Nebraska, settling on a farm. He attended the country schools of that locality--the only educational advantages he received aside from the valuable lessons which he has learned in the school of experience. At the age of seventeen years he entered the Fillmore County Bank, at Fairmont, Nebraska, beginning at the very bottom round of the ladder. He remained with that institution and its successor, the First National Bank, until 1887, and at the time of the change in organization and management he was made cashier, continuing in that position for two years.

On the expiration of that-period Mr. Walters entered the Citizens State Bank in Council Bluffs as discount clerk and so served for about eighteen months, after which, in 1889, he organized a Mercantile Law and Collection Company, in Omaha, conducting the business under the name of Charles E. Walters & Company (Inc.). The business, incorporated in 1892, is still continued under the same name, with Mr. Walters as vice president He remained an active factor in its management until 1896, when he was appointed the first building and loan examiner of Iowa by the auditor of state and organized the present system now in use in Iowa. At the same time he was appointed state bank examiner and held both offices until January, 1899. At that date he was appointed assistant cashier of the First National Bank of Council Bluffs, which in 1899 succeeded the Citizens State Bank, Mr. Walters remaining with the institution for about two years as assistant cashier and auditor. When the Commercial National Bank was organized in Council Bluffs he was made assistant cashier, remaining in that position until 1903, when he resigned to accept the position of treasurer of the Fairmont Creamery Company, at Fairmont, Nebraska--the second largest creamery in the world. He spent two years in that way, established their present business system and acted as treasurer and business manager until 1905, when he conceived the idea of his present business of the buying and selling of banks, liquidation of banks, supplying of efficient employes and the location of banks. All this grew out of his extensive knowledge of the banking business, its needs and requirements, his knowledge of the money market, and his recognition of the opportunity that offered. It was a unique venture but has proven the wisdom and worth of his business judgment, for success has attended him and the business is developing along safe and satisfactory lines. The amount of his business is indicated largely by his correspondence, his postage bill alone amounting to thirty-five hundred dollars annually. At the same time he established this enterprise Mr. Walters organized the publication, The Confidential Banker, or "The Live Wire," which is a valuable little paper to those interested in or in any way connected with banking. Mr. Walter is also vice president and director of the firm of Charles E. Walters & Company, which besides being a law and mercantile company publishes Walters' Legal Directory.

On the 25th of January, 1887, Mr. Walters was married, in Toulon, Illinois, to Miss Eliza E. Wright, a daughter of Thomas J. and Ann (Losey) Wright. They have one son, Ralph Wright Walters. Mr. Walters is a stalwart republican in political belief but takes no active part in political work, although he was at one time mayor of Fairmont, elected in 1903. He belongs to the Masonic fraternity, in which he has taken the Knight Templar degree, and is at present filling the office of eminent commander. He also belongs to the Mystic Shrine. He is pre-eminently a man of affairs and one who has wielded a wide influence. He stands as a high type of our progressive American manhood--one who plans and does, who labors wisely and well, and who is reaping the just reward of his labor."

After Hostage

After Hostage

I was having dinner in a restaurant and suddenly there was panic in the streets of this normaly very quiet suburb of Antwerp. Policecars where driving on and off. Some officers where looking arround by feet. It was clear they where searching someone or something. The press and a television crew showed up. Later that evening I heard the truth about the incident. While visiting their lawyer some Turkish citizens had words with their councelor. One of them thought it was a great idea to pull out a gun. For a few minutes the employees of the law firm where held hostage. One of the employees was able to escape and called the police. When the Turkish guys left the law-company they ran straight into the arms of the police. Of course they where arrested and put in jail. On this picture the police found the car of the two guys and they're moving it to the police station for closer examination. A cameraman from the news station is filming the action.

citizen law firm

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