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How To Clean Wood Decks - Clean Source Inc.

How To Clean Wood Decks

how to clean wood decks

how to clean wood decks - Wood decks:

Wood decks: Materials, construction, and finishing

Wood decks: Materials, construction, and finishing

This manual contains over 40 color photos, numerous tables, and more than 50 scale drawings of various deck construction details, offering an invaluable resource for designers, new homebuilders, remodelers, and home owners who design, construct, repair, or maintain wood decks. Subjects covered include 1) span tables for deck design, 2) unbiased information on the dos and don'ts of deck design and construction, 3) essential information on the properties of various wood species used in deck construction, 4) detailed discussion of proper materials and application techniques for finishing wood decks, and 5) step-by-step examination of proper procedures involved in inspecting and maintaining wood decks.

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Deck Project Step 2 - Spackling the Deck

Deck Project Step 2 - Spackling the Deck

Now, onto Step 2 - Spackling the Deck!

1. Buy your supplies Again I went to Lowes, but I am sure you can find these supplies anywhere.

Here is what I bought: Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Filler and a spackle tool, 1 1/2 in. I actually bought two large tubs of the wood filler, so I wouldn't have to go back and buy more. I only used one tub. I guess it all depends on how big your deck is and how badly split your wood is.

I would make sure you buy wood filler that you can paint and sand. That is very important for future steps. I also found out that you can buy wood filler in different colors of wood, who knew! I just bought mine in this color. You can see on the spackle tool that it is kind of a tan color. It looks really awful on my red deck, but it really doesn't matter since it will be painted over later on.

2. Spackle the deck Sounds easy enough, right? Think back to dorm living. It is just like spackling your picture holes before moving out, just on a bigger scale.
I looked for any splitting wood boards and stuck the wood filler in the holes. Since the wood is set horizontally, I applied the filler vertically and then scraped the tool horizontally to remove the excess filler. I hope that makes sense. You can do it any way you like, just as long as the wood filler fills the split wood.

I pretty much worked the same way as I did with the deck cleaner: railings, floor boards, and steps (I skipped the trellis). Some spots didn't need any filler, but others needed a lot. I figured it would take me an hour or two to do it, but it actually took me several days. It wasn't the job that was time consuming, it was the pain it caused my body. Back aches, hand cramps, and a stiff neck all occurred, so it is probably best if you divide your deck into sections, or better yet, invite your friends over to help!

Here is how my deck looks now with all of the spackle on it.

Pretty ugly, huh? I am sure my neighbors are loving the look too!



June 21st, 2011 Beauty/Comparison

Todays excercise is to stop comparing my own beauty with that of others, because I will never be satisfied unless I do.
I can cheerfully say that I gave that all up rather ruefully, but humourously, when I seemed to distort overnight.
I remember being a young, silky thing, and always ironing my clothes, curling my hair, doing my nails, buying designer clothes (albeit I traded very often). I did care a lot about how I looked. I also clearly remember making rude comments about fat old ladies and what I believed of their sexual orientation.
So, when a pot and thick legs and a blown out throat manifest (literally overnight) I had a good laugh at myself. It was my turn to be called a fat, frigid old bitch, and for no reason at al!!! I had dished it out, so I had better take it! Hah!

These days, we are not in competition, but my sense of beauty carries over into having a pretty garden, nice clean household, and I enjoy exploring what can be seen and done wiht a camera. It was a releif to stop worrying aout being an attractive enough sex object, and to find that I could marry, settle down, and enjoy my garden and household.

So, for a comparison with regard to my beauty I love my husband, who says "I love all of it. I love you".
Satisfied, now.

I guess my sense of beauty derived from the mundane is from the action within the paradigmatic still life.

Two cans of wood protector are casually put to the side, where some Cannas are sprouting in the shade.
Cans and Cannas!
I picked the creeping basil (middle pot)from under where our new porch will be. Oh, we have worked so hard on this!

how to clean wood decks

how to clean wood decks

The Eye of Judgment: Wood Swarm Theme Deck

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