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Ask your lawyer - Aggressive divorce lawyer.

Ask Your Lawyer

ask your lawyer

  • a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice

  • A person who practices or studies law; an attorney or a counselor

  • The burbot (Lota lota), from old french barbot, is the only freshwater gadiform (cod-like) fish. It is also known as mariah, the lawyer, and (misleadingly) eelpout, and closely related to the common ling and the cusk. It is the only member of the genus Lota.

  • A lawyer, according to Black's Law Dictionary, is "a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law.

Story of My Survival and How my Abuser Deceived the Court

Story of My Survival and How my Abuser Deceived the Court

This is the second translated page of fraud and fake documents he provided the court. You can see thsi does not contain my signatures either just like the Ameritrade check when iI have called the bank and canceled that check did not sign that. Now do in California if a party doesn't sign all other sign that document you can say she or he was involved in this transaction when she did not sign?? Yeah this is the thing American court believed him when he said in Pakistan husband can sign on behalf of wife and problem is this if this case would be in Pakistan Pakistani court not gonna believe him. But Americans did and my friends and family in Pakistan were asking that how come they believe when Chaudhary's brother Imtiaz just posses 3 acer not 9 acer land. How come he sell 9 acer when he just have 3 acer??? But judges were like to just confuse me saying yes it could be when I have documents proving that Imtiaz Anwar doesn't has 9 acer land just 3 acer Judge said, " It is hearsay, this can not be admitted in the court." That time I was thinking He doesn't make any motion to say that judge has done by her self. I have heard in trial court judge will not do anything by her or him self you or your lawyer needs to tell them the law. Now I have felt there was no law to protect my financial side at all. They know one thing JOB JOB JOB and no one is giving me a job what I want. I know there are very strict laws about sexual harassment and asking for sexual .......... is prohibiter and a person can be jailed but what if they just select those kind of ladies they think they can be cooperative she can't how can she prove? Oh phir bat se bat nikal gai 9 I was on other issue again from my own issue;-)) Now I was willing to own my own house from a long time and you can see he had 600,000,00 dollars and at that time we were able to buy 2 paid houses if he wants but he did not even bought one house. After seperation I hav estarted to talk to real estate agents about buying a house and one of them talk to me I told her the situation that I have 1200,00000 it's hundered twynty thousand dollars and I want to pay down pay ment I hope with my child support I will be able to pay rest she said, "Bushra get out of this mess. You can not prove him wrong. My husband did the same and no attorney will help you as in my case they were asking me to bring evidence, Attorney can't do any thing an dhow can you prove he move that money out of the united states when you were the joint account holder ? So Bushra my kids were grown up more then 18 but I have to leave every thing I advised you too just don't be in this mess. what ever you have save it for your self." And I thought if every one is thinking like that no one will get the rights and how we will think that this is an issue a burning issue. So I decide to STAY stand up for my rights :D Ok After that phone conversation I thought about my community I am saying because they are Pakistani and Muslims they are trying to scare me but for that lady I have thought she even don't know me if she is saying there must be something I have to care. Do I withdraw my case? I asked my self and my inner self said NO! No no! I have to see what's going on itna shor hai ke yeh right woh rights konsey rights hain yahan mery siwaey jeeny ke??? So I plane to fight since my attorney was so expensive even great work he had done I decide to change after 6th month when court ordered to pay both attorneys second time 20,000 dollars so from hundred and fifty now fourty thousand were ghone and I was thnking why court is so willing to give him the rest of th emoney if not hm his attorney? Now I knw he is saying he don't have money and court is believing him LAW is on his side court has to believe him any ways.
Note able things I didn't know any of the witnesses and they were his brother's friends and one of them working under him so he just say what his officer asked him and this person Imtiaz always gets money from Sajjad for hsi living expenses and now they were saying Sajjad borrowed money from him. I have called the Pakistani embassy, American embassy and as people wer esaying these are fraud documents FBI and homeland security can be involved so When I have changed my laweyer at some point that was my mistake I thought new and chipper will help me but he was more lutera any wasy when I have seen my new lawyer is not even making a single attempt to contact any athourties I have don eby my self and cam eto know since this is rpivate matter they can not help and hey care about trillion and billion dollars not half of million :D:D My friends were saying no no this money gone out of AAmerica they care but infect they don't at least in my case not at all:D just the money I have saved for that they were worried why she had this and why she is saying I want to get education for that I need this money and for my kids. from Pakistani Embassy Mr. Gul Khitab Abbasi helped me a lot and when he came

Day 205- Has BP ignored your Oil Spill claim?

Day 205- Has BP ignored your Oil Spill claim?

July 24, 205/365 (1301/1461)- When I was looking at this photo I noticed the billboard on the right; someone asked me earlier this summer what long lasting effects was the Gulf coast seeing from the BP fiasco of last summer. Really the biggest visable sign are the lawyers trying to get a piece of the action by representing people that haven't collected claim money yet, but I imagine it's the lawyers that are really getting rich here.

Anyway, nice sunset on the way to get pizza from the Mellow Mushroom after a busy Sunday!

ask your lawyer

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