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Baby Photo Journal

baby photo journal

    baby photo
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  • A logbook

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baby photo journal - Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss Little Who Soft Memory Book

Dr. Seuss Little Who Soft Memory Book

Dr. Seuss by Bumkins Little Who Soft Memory Book
Based on the lovable Dr. Seuss HORTON HEARS A WHO book, this soft album features 4" x 6" vinyl photo pages that promote curiosity and motor-skill development.

Features include:

•This adorable photo album holds up to four 4"x6" photographs and features soft baby-friendly pages
•Padded and covered in vinyl to protect the photos
•Adding your own pictures helps baby identify family and friends
•This memory book offers lines and illustrations from Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears a Who
•Surface washable

85% (19)

my maternal grandmother as a baby

my maternal grandmother as a baby

This has to be the strangest baby photo I have ever seen: this is of my maternal grandmother and was taken in a studio in Sweden (there being a shocking lack of digital cameras in the late 1890's). I wonder if her parents intended that she be wearing pearls or if the photographer gave them to her as something to play with and keep her calm? It seems weird to have a baby in pearls .... maybe this was common? I don't know. A rare little thing to have found!

Baby Ballerina

Baby Ballerina

Part of he 1st Birthday Photo-shoot I did a week prior to her first birthday this past weekend.

strobe info: Large softbox above subject, camera right, studio strobe at 1/4 power & SB-600 shot trough translucent white umbrella above subject camera left at 1/8 power.

baby photo journal

baby photo journal


We have created a Unique way to capture your pregnancy journey. Loaded on a luxurious "Crystal Heart" Time Capsule Drive, the My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule is the "Ultimate Pregnancy Suite" that helps you truly Capture, Store and Pass Along Your Pregnancy Journey. Months 1-9 Each month has 100's of guided questions that capture your physical and emotional changes. Track your weight gain, Dr. visits, ultrasounds, baby's heartbeat, maternity clothes, gifts for baby, baby names, who you told, working while pregnant, shopping and all things pregnancy. Upload your pregnancy photos, audio of baby's heartbeat, ultrasound pictures, a video message to your baby. Pregnancy Journal Comes with auto calendar to date your entries. Unlimited entries. Family Tree No static tree here, it's as dynamic as your family. Add family member photos and descriptions. All About You Start your time capsule with all the facts about you; from the languages you speak, education, likes, dislikes, social activities, your first kiss, your first car to how you met your partner. Write Letters for the Future Have fun writing letters to your baby for them to read in the future. Share an experience they may learn from at certain times in your life. Unlimited entries. Invite family and friends to write one as well. Now and Then Capture the costs and events of the time you live in now. Have fun estimating futures costs. It will be fun to come back and see how accurate you were. Labor & Delivery Capture your labor, birth and delivery. Guided Questions will help you capture everything from your hospital bag to baby's going home outfit. Baby... Capture every baby shower, planning and designing of baby's nursery; who purchased items for baby's room and how you decided on the theme. Capture baby's first kick, hiccup, roll, and growth. Creating Your Pregnancy Video Turn all of your media uploads into a pregnancy video that you can save and share.

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