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Leather furniture guide - Lane furniture in north carolina

Leather Furniture Guide

leather furniture guide

leather furniture guide - Mobile Madness:

Mobile Madness: A Complete Guide for Repairing Leather, Vinyl, Cloth and Plastic in Automobiles and Furniture

Mobile Madness: A Complete Guide for Repairing Leather, Vinyl, Cloth and Plastic in Automobiles and Furniture

This book is a step by step instruction book on how to repair vinyl, leather, cloth, auto dashes and plastic with over 400 instructional pictures to show you how. The title, Mobile Madness is dedicated to the guy who does the repair work on location as we takes a satirical look of doing this crazy business within a labyrinth of wacky people and conditions with a sense of pride in doing the work and managing a sense of humor with the ever changing plastic's and leathers of the world. Mobile Madness is all about working out of a truck, car, truck, van or another mobile vehicle on location. This is quite different and yet strangely liberating. It's exciting, fun and you never know what you're going to get,. We mobile people are a special kind of breed. And we are inviting you to be one of us. It's a different kind of madness. A good kind of madness. This book Mobile Madness also tells you the history of super glues, vinyl and how plastic came about. It also covers leathers from cow to stingrays and how to clean and repair these too. What about dashes pealing? Unprotected leather (Ford F 150 king ranches) furniture, (alkaline), custom Flocking and how to mix colors, to mention just a few. This book not only tells you how to get started, open new markets, finding customers and a whole lot more.. A book that will remain timeless and current because of a special feature we have in the last two pages of the book. An excellent book for the professional, the beginner or do it yourself person. It's a wonderful book that makes Mobile Madness something you want for all time sake no matter your state of mind.

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The Sheep That Attacked Me

The Sheep That Attacked Me

We made it to Morocco! The man on the plane sitting next to us was from Mali and wore a very expensive cream-colored suit with a matching cap. After we found our way from the Casablanca airport on the train and to our hotel, we stumbled into a cafe for breakfast still very jetlagged. We ended up sleeping for several hours in the afternoon, and then wandered into Casablanca's medina after dinner at a great seafood place. The medina is a maze of small streets filled with shops, tiny restaurants, homes, and hotels. We spent the next day doing more of the same, getting lost and trying to find our way past all of the stalls selling all sorts of things like raw meat, cured olives, leather jackets, sandals, tea and coffee, produce, and furniture. We also wandered over to the huge mosque, built recently by the king of Morocco. It has a retractable roof, heated floors, and a laser beam that points the way to Mecca. On our way back through the medina, we heard a loud group of people coming towards us. As I turned the corner, a sheep with large horns plowed into my leg while the group tried to guide it in the right direction. This would only happen in Morocco.

Now we are in Rabat. More photos coming soon!



2010 Costa Rica.
Leather & wooden furnitures (muebles) from Grecia, C.R.
Gina was our tour guide.

leather furniture guide

leather furniture guide

Sno-Seal Original Beeswax

Sno-Seal Original Beeswax protects leather from rain, sun, snow and slush. Did you just buy some new boots? Or maybe a new leather jacket? Don't wait another minute to grab some of this stuff to protect your investment! Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing wax provides one-step waterproofing and polish for leather boots, gloves, saddles, apparel... virtually all your leather goods. Unlike other leather protectors, Sno-Seal is a natural wax that will never weaken, decay or break down leather surfaces. Works great with GORE-TEX fabric-lined boots because it allows GORE-TEX-absorbed perspiration moisture to escape out of the leather. Contains no silicone or petroleum products. 7-oz. canister. Protect your leather goods and they'll last longer and look better! Order Today! Sno-Seal Original Beeswax

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