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Vintage House Decor

vintage house decor

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vintage house decor - HomArt Wire

HomArt Wire Fairy House, Large, Black Finish

HomArt Wire Fairy House, Large, Black Finish

Art enriches our lives; it gives us comfort and joy; inspires thought and serenity; it’s individual and (what we like) represents who we are. Why leave something so profoundly beautiful and important to Saturday escapades to the museum or coffee table books, when it can surround us; speak to us and speak for us, everyday? Each individual HomArt house ware is art; the products are hand made by artisans. Enhance any room with HomArt’s Large Fairy House. This decorative piece is made of metal and has a black colored finish. It's perfect for live plants or year round dried flower arrangements. Large Fairy House measures 7.75 by 15-inch. By HomArt, guaranteed to add the sparkle and shine to your home and life.

79% (9)

1908 Maud Humphrey Baby Book

1908 Maud Humphrey Baby Book

filled with original photos, records, letters, locks of baby hair & so much more! I had to have it...

Vintage Christmas House

Vintage Christmas House

Faded red to almost pink, this vintage house is displayed in my china hutch this year.

vintage house decor

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