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Best furniture covers : Dining room furniture new york.

Best Furniture Covers

best furniture covers

038|365 +1

038|365 +1

My mind is going a million miles a minute, all that really appeals to me is cowering under the covers, and hoping that everything will magically be okay when I wake up. I keep trying to change the things around me, but I sometimes question whether I want to or not. Because being sad has some sort of comfort to me, there's always that familiarity. I have plenty of reasons for me to be happy right now. I mean I am, I really am. But there's still that voice in the back of my head searching for reasons for me not to be. Why won't it go away? Why can't I just let myself accept the fact that everything can BE OKAY for once? That everything maybe for a change IS going my way. Hopefully sooner or later I can finally accept the fact that I'm allowed to be happy. And someday I'll stop searching for the what if's, and stop focusing on what could go wrong, but what could go right. Someday I'll stop over analyzing every single situation and trying to predict everything that will happen. Someday I'll just live life as it comes at me, love myself, accept happiness, and understand it is okay to feel this good.

Chaise Massif French Chair - Ghost Furniture

Chaise Massif French Chair - Ghost Furniture

This fabulous, huge chair with the most wonderful curved back slats, was found in a cellar of a medieval house just outside Paris. The sad and tired old covers were discarded and replaced with a fantastic linen and crewelwork, fully-lined fabric taken from a throw purchased back in the 1990s from The English Home Sussex House collection.

The throw itself cost ?450 originally . We have covered the cushions in such a way as to show off the best and most ornate parts of the crewelwork. The chairhas been painted with Farrow and Ball White Pointing Eggshell. This is one seriously comfortable chair - ideal for curling up in with a good book and a hot chocolate.

best furniture covers

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