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Egyptian Reproduction Furniture - Prices On Hooker Furniture

Egyptian Reproduction Furniture

egyptian reproduction furniture

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egyptian reproduction furniture - Sekhmet Lioness

Sekhmet Lioness Egyptian Goddess of War Relief, Color Details

Sekhmet Lioness Egyptian Goddess of War Relief, Color Details

Together with her husband Ptah and her son Nefertem, Sekhmet made up the Memphis Triad. Her name meant "The Mighty One". Her nature being that of a Goddess of War, she accompanied the King to battle and was often described as his mother. She spread terror everywhere; the henchmen of Seth and even the serpent Apophis succumbed to her. Sekhmet was represented as a lioness or as a woman with lion's head. Her weapons were arrows "with which she pierces hearts" and a fiery glow emanated from her body. The hot desert winds were regarded as the Goddess's hot breath. She was connected with the fire-spitting Uraeus of the King and thereby became the "Eye of Ra". Sekhmet was also regarded as the one "Great of Magic" whose knowledge of sorcery gave her a place in the service of healing.

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Reproduction of 1985 Peaches N' Cream Barbie

Reproduction of 1985 Peaches N' Cream Barbie

Got her from Wallmart last month. First time to put hands on her.

Deboxing her brought back the childhood memory which I don't think anything can replace.

I personally think that this is a very nice reproduction as the outfit is so pretty and maintain the "silhouette" of the doll.

However collector might be abit disapointed at her hairstyle which is too-straight and very difficult to arrange or re-style. More curly hair would complement her outfit.

However, she worths every penny spent for this excellent reproduction

I would love to see if Mattel could reproduce some other dolls from 80s like Golden Dream, Angel Face, Dream Glow, and Magic Moves Barbie.



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egyptian reproduction furniture

egyptian reproduction furniture

Egyptian Obelisk with Hieroglyphs

Obelisks are tall, slender four sided shafts carved from a single stone and topped with a point known as a pyramidion. Obelisks were known to the ancient Egyptians as Tekhenu. They were typically inscribed with the names and titles of the king who commissioned them. Obelisks were considered to be sacred to the Sun God Ra, whose main center of worship was at Heliopolis where the oldest surviving monumental obelisk in Egypt still stands. Obelisks were first erected at Heliopolis and the practice was continued throughout the pharaonic period. Obelisks probably evolved from the so-called Benben Stone which resembles the pyramidion of an obelisk and was considered sacred to the Sun God even before the appearance of the first pharaoh. These stones were the fetish of the primeval God Atum (the setting sun) and the God Ra or Ra-Harakhti (the rising sun). The stones were also associated with the Benu-Bird or Phoenix. Some small squat obelisks survive from the early years of dynastic Egypt when they usually stood in pairs before the entrances to the tombs.

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