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Raven Hall Hotel

raven hall hotel

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Residents at the Raven Hall Hotel

Residents at the Raven Hall Hotel

Here I have superimposed a modern digital image (taken in 2008) over a digital copy of a Victorian print (taken around 140 years ago). Both photos depict the same location - the hallway of Raven Hall - from the same viewpoint. The Victorian lens renders a different space perception to the modern lens - evidently, as the Victorian ladies in this photo appear to be freakishly small (unless of course that was their actual size). Despite the distortion, the modern wall layouts correspond with the Victorian walls (note the gilded frames and stunning full length statue of Hermes to the left), and the banister on the stairs aligns almost perfectly. The staircase, so the night porter told me, has remained largely unchanged.

Terraced Gardens at Raven Hall

Terraced Gardens at Raven Hall

Built by the eccentric Doctor Willis with funds purloined from 'Mad' King George (who used to visit Raven Hall - then known as Peak Hall - in order to seek respite from his illness).

raven hall hotel

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