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Cadet Wall Heater. Bradford White Residential Water Heaters.

Cadet Wall Heater

cadet wall heater

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~Orly~ Galaxy Girl - Space Cadet

~Orly~ Galaxy Girl - Space Cadet

Integrantes da Colecao Cosmic FX da Orly, lancada no ano passado. Sao esmaltes que possuem efeito duochrome. A colecao e composta por 6 cores, porem adquiri somente estes dois, ao menos por enquanto.
O primeiro que me apaixonei (pelas fotos) foi o Space Cadet. Porem, quando chegaram aqui, achei o Galaxy Girl ainda mais lindo! E como amanha e dia de fazer as unhas... decidi que o Galaxy Girl vai furar a fila! haha

Cadets in formation

Cadets in formation

These cadets are formed up right outside of Washington Hall. They're probably hungry for lunch!

The cadets were all very friendly and approachable. In fact, they often did the approaching. Here they're wearing their medium uniform, which is in between the casual camoflage and the dress uniform.

cadet wall heater

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