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Art Fashion Blog - Top Ten Fashion Blogs.

Art Fashion Blog

art fashion blog



Sew new clothes for your creative blogs.

art fashion blog

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Fashion Merchandising Association - Houston Fashion Schools - Fashion Website Names

Fashion Merchandising Association

fashion merchandising association

Threads Designer - Carla Barrington II

Threads Designer - Carla Barrington II

A model shows an outfit designed by Carla Barrington during the Treads Fashion Show. The Fashion Show, held last Friday, was held by the Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design and showcases student work.

This was taken with a Minolta X-700. The other pictures were taken with a Nikon D40.

Threads Fashion Show

Threads Fashion Show

A Model show off an outfit designed by a CMU Fashion Design student during the Treads Fashion Show. The Fashion Show, held last Friday, was held by the Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design and showcases student work.

fashion merchandising association

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Fashion Bed Group Oscar Matte Black Metal Headboard

fashion bed group oscar matte black metal headboard

fashion bed group oscar matte black metal headboard - Black Metal

Black Metal Volume 1 (v. 1)

Black Metal Volume 1 (v. 1)

Twin brothers, Shawn and Sam, aren't your typical kids - sure, their dark moodiness and deep dedication to metal isn't that unusual but their mysterious parentage sure is! Empowered by the legendary sword of Atoll, these kids are determined to thrash and wail on however many demons they have to in order to fulfill the ancient prophecy and regain their rightful position as Hell Baron of the Pit. Loud, fast and heavy like the music it is inspired by, Black Metal ties into the youth culture that has grown up around this ferocious sound. Then infused with a shot of ancient myth and a healthy dose of high adventure, it rises to the level of a truly epic tale.

83% (14)

black metal bbq

black metal bbq

i like my hot dogs extra crispy

black metal fans: matt thompson, jeremiah wassom
makeup: stephanie thompson

Black Metal

Black Metal

Listen to Norwegian black metal do ya? Love it do ya? Shit yaself mate? Thought so.

fashion bed group oscar matte black metal headboard

fashion bed group oscar matte black metal headboard

Hideous Gnosis: Black Metal Theory Symposium I

Essays and documents related to Hideous Gnosis, a symposium on black metal theory, which took place on December 12, 2009 in Brooklyn, NY. Expanded and Revised.

"Life is a hideous thing, and from the background behind what we know of it peer daemoniacal hints of truth which make it sometimes a thousandfold more hideous." - H.P. Lovecraft

"Poison yourself . . . with thought" - Arizmenda

CONTENTS: Steven Shakespeare, "The Light that Illuminates Itself, the Dark that Soils Itself: Blackened Notes from Schelling's Underground." Erik Butler, "The Counter-Reformation in Stone and Metal: Spiritual Substances." Scott Wilson, "BAsileus philosoPHOrum METaloricum." Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, "Transcendental Black Metal." Nicola Masciandaro, "Anti-Cosmosis: Black Mahapralaya." Joseph Russo, "Perpetue Putesco - Perpetually I Putrefy." Benjamin Noys, "'Remain True to the Earth!': Remarks on the Politics of Black Metal." Evan Calder Williams, "The Headless Horsemen of the Apocalypse." Brandon Stosuy, "Meaningful Leaning Mess." Aspasia Stephanou, "Playing Wolves and Red Riding Hoods in Black Metal." Anthony Sciscione, "'Goatsteps Behind My Steps . . .': Black Metal and Ritual Renewal." Eugene Thacker, "Three Questions on Demonology." Niall Scott, "Black Confessions and Absu-lution."

DOCUMENTS: Lionel Maunz, Pineal Eye; Oyku Tekten, Symposium Photographs; Scott Wilson, "Pop Journalism and the Passion for Ignorance"; Karlynn Holland, Sin Eater I-V; Nicola Masciandaro and Reza Negarestani, Black Metal Commentary; Black Metal Theory Blog Comments; Letter from Andrew White; E.S.S.E, Murder Devour I.


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Latest Fashion In Malaysia. Fashion Industry Singapore.

Latest Fashion In Malaysia

latest fashion in malaysia

Fragrance of Post-Modernity. Calvin KIein, Jamie Dornan, Bob Dylan in Pink Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fragrance of Post-Modernity. Calvin KIein, Jamie Dornan, Bob Dylan in Pink Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Green is Natural in this stark photo taken near one of the great temples of Shopping, The Pavilion, in the heart of the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur. The rest is synthetic or photo-paper or concrete. Mid-February the Chinese New Year - The Year of the Tiger - will be upon us. This of course calls for bright-colored Red - for Luck and Prosperity - displays. And thus everywhere in these areas Red Lanterns swing, Deep Pink Unreal Trees abound... and Everything's for sale.
CKFree - Calvin Klein's latest in men's fragrances - is advertised here by a larger than life billboard of Irish model Jamie Dornan (1982- ), suavely acting manly.
As I was shooting the photos of which I selected this one, someone mentioned Dornan's name of whom I - a mere historian and amateur naturalist - had never heard but could hardly escape seeing. It seems that Bob Dylan (1941- ) is one of Dornan's favorite singers. I suddenly remembered:

"If your time to you
Is worth savin'/
Then you better start swimmin'/
Or you'll sink like a stone/
For the times they are a-changin'."

I suppose I could have taken a taxi just from here... I walked instead to breathe fresh air in the KLCC Gardens. ... And yet... these billboards have a fascination all their own, and it's hard to escape their hold. 'Hidden Persuaders': isn't that the term for this?
Similar scenes, of course, are everywhere. Earlier I posted one of Boss adds in the Leidsestraat of Amsterdam.

DSC 0950

DSC 0950

It's m-ifw! FruFru & Tigerlily Singapore. FruFru & Tigerlily debuted at Singapore Fashion week this year and garnered quite a response with their fun, flirty and lyrics-inspired collection names. The punk sensibility that featured in their collections since the start continues to dominate subtly all throughout their recent collections. Obviously inspired by music from all genres, FruFru & Tigerlily will showcase their latest collection during M-IFW '08.

latest fashion in malaysia

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Fashion Jobs Hong Kong

fashion jobs hong kong

Breaking News November 23, 2010

Breaking News November 23, 2010

With the supply of the H1N1 flu shots falling short by millions, and cases of infections rising daily, the okay was given for other more experimental methods of producing the serum.

One of the first to respond was a small company in Hong Kong known as Chengwie Health International who’s radical new method involved using not wreaked flu viruses, but components taken from the donated blood of people who had survived H1N1, then both altering it genetically and cloning it and so, or so they claimed, creating a flu shot 10 times as effective.

Tests in Hong Kong had gone flawlessly with no apparent side-effects showing up. And so ten thousand shots of this were order to be tried at random in the general population in America.

The CHI serum seemed to be doing the job, and far better than the vaccine manufactured in the traditional fashion.

And then report of unknown side effect started to come in.

Among the first were Arthur and Julia Tandy of Modesto, California who reported feeling “odd” the whole day after receiving their CHI flu shot that morning and so going to bed early.

They awoke, after what Arthur called a strange fever dream filled night, to find themselves in bed with someone other than whom they had retired the night before with.

These strangers turned out to be themselves, overnight they had both apparently become people of Chinese descent.

Elsewhere other people who had randomly gotten the CHI vaccine where also finding their genetic information so altered. Ironically Mrs. Tandy still came down with a flu.

A flu that she ended up passing on to coworker Piper Neumann, that’s when the already unbelievable became fantastic, because while the cold that Mrs. Tandy passed on to Ms Neumann was mild, it had the new effect, along with sore throat, runny nose and cough, of altering Piper into an Chinese woman.

The effect of the CHI flu vaccine, which had shown up in only a few hundred people, and bonded itself to the common cold and created something new, a flu that became known as HA1N2 or the Absolute Hong Kong Flu.

“Thank goodness we have a really good Chinatown here in Modesto,” was patient zero Piper’s first public remark.

And while Ms Piper was moved temporarily to a holding facility by the World Health Organization (shown here in from her interview with this reporter for the NBC Nightly New) her job as a bank teller meant that too many people had already been exposed to this new virus, which spread quickly.

Within a month over twenty-three thousand new cases of the Absolute Hong Kong Flu had been reported in California alone.

Within three months, despite all the precautions taken, it had spread throughout the country and more than a dozen other countries.

By the end of the forth month of the outbreak over 5 million people had contracted it.

It was than that Chengwie Health International, the company at the center of the whirlwind of controversy that this created, came forward with the revelation that unknown to them this side-effect had been a part of their new process all along, “we just didn’t notice because all the people on whom it was first tested were already Han Chinese, and so it’s effect was negligible…. Oops.”

In compensation CHI Int. donated 136 million dollars to the creation of a string of so-called Cultural Initiation Clubs / Classrooms, which proved only marginally successful in the West, but quickly became mandatory in China, Hong Kong, & Singapore for non-Chinese so transformed by the flu there.

Now after 11 months HA1N2 has faded, but not until some 44 million people worldwide have found themselves to be newly minted ethnically Han Chinese, what their reaction to this will be remains a question for tomorrow.

For NBC News this is Brian Williams, wan an hao yun. (goodnight & good luck)

IMGP6749 Hong Kong-Kwun Tong-?? 2009 Aug 10 22:00

IMGP6749 Hong Kong-Kwun Tong-?? 2009 Aug 10 22:00

??? “Pentax DA 70mm F2.4 Limited” ???
Pentax K-m 1/3sec F1.4 ISO100 with Tripod
Lens: Pentax-M 50mm F1.4 Prime Lens.
Flash Light:Nil
White Balance:Tungsten Light
No Retouch

fashion jobs hong kong

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Latest fashion for boys : 2011 fashion ideas.

Latest Fashion For Boys

latest fashion for boys

mowgli sketches-compare6

mowgli sketches-compare6

Mowgli sketches-compare6

Start: Sunday, August 16, 2009, 11:22:05pm
Done: Sunday, August 16, 2009, 11:52:09pm

Panel 1- Mowgli sitting beside a tree & pondering to himself in deep thought. Not only I like the overall mood of this capture, but I also like how I drew the rest of his foot on the lower left of the panel since the original shot had it cropped.
Panel 2- Mowgli looking up after he has supposedly fallen down & turning to his attackers. I didn’t have too much of a problem drawing the rest of his feet, which were covered up by the branches, but the small near dot of his mouth I had to improve at the start & at the last minute to get the right detail there.
Panel 3- Mowgli backing up in order to protect himself to whoever is going to harm him. I like Mowgli’s line of defense that he expresses on here & how I drew the rest of the foot in the lower left side of the frame.
I also to draw the rest of the area covering up by the boomerang. That wasn’t too hard on my behalf.
Panel 4- Mowgli squatting on hands, knees & toes and touching the soft ground as if to get a sense of the surface underneath his feet. The expression of discovery & sense from an individual is something that I’ve always admired, especially if it’s from children because it exhibit’s the style of innocence & playfulness.
Panel 5- Mowgli on the ground holding his head as if from falling from a higher ground. I like the overall posture & sense of feeling that he portrays here.
Panel 6- Mowgli standing atop a hillside overlooking the edge as far as his eye can see. I like the back view & upright pose in this one, as well as the sense of emotion that is portrayed here & would great in a panoramic WIDESCREEN view on a picture frame or painting, which is what I always like to see.
Panel 7- My Favorite panel in the set. Mowgli lying down on his stomach next to his ‘Mother’ & catching a little nap. This is my favorite one because I like the feeling of rest & relaxation and overall calmness that he expresses here and just adds more to the good natured Childlike peace that is exhibited here.
Panel 8- Mowgli falling down on his side pling his ears as to not hear Balloo’s constant loud snoring. Eh, I thought this picture was a bit humorous & the way his body is posed & expressed, so I kept it.
Panel 9- Mowgli swinging on a vine in traditional Wild Child style. You always need at least one or two frames where a Human Being is swinging from treetop to treetop, to give it a bit of ‘Tarzan’ like quality, which is why I added it to this project.
Panel 10- Mowgli hunching over & getting ready to leap over to his next destination. I like his stature & the action style pose in this one.
Panel 11- Mowgli sitting down rubbing his side as if he fell down again. Like some of the previous shots, I had to draw the rest of his foot on the lower panel. His expression on his face was pretty good too.
Panel 12- Mowgli sitting down overseeing his next possible whittling project on a piece of tree branch. I enjoyed this panel simply because the way his face has a sense of childlike delight & innocence.
Panel 13- Another shot of Mowgli kneeling down with the rest of his Wolf Pack. Another pose that I liked, although it looks a bit too small to work with, but it looked good overall.
Panel 14- Mowgli reeling away from someone or something attacking him. Another small panel, but still has some detail to it. Also had to draw the rest of the toes as they were hidden behind that dirt mound.
Panel 15- Mowgli grasping his arm like someone just hit him in a state of discipline. His expression looks a bit cartoony, though. He almost looks like he needs to call the Ghostbusters, or something. ;p Anyways, I like the pose, detail, facial expression and the way his body turns & contorts to whoever disciplined him.
And I still like the way his face looks, though.
Panel 16- Mowgli reeling in from the shock of his previous disciplinary encounter. Almost the same as the previous panel, but a bit more style to the pose & the way his arm and body is contorted to mach that style.
Panel 17- Mowgli kneeling up and now feeling a bit more calm from his previous tear. As before, the different style of posing & sequence from the other two. I also admire the sense of calmness & taking on a bit of authority from his reeling fearlessness, or something.
Panel 18- Mowgli kneeling down in a state of varied, but lone emotion. This is a somber moment between the Feral Boy & his Natural Environment that surrounds him. Another innocent type of emotion that I like.
Panel 19- Mowgli sitting down with his Wolf Pack. Although this was a rather small piece to work with, I like the relaxed sense of posture that he emotes in this particular panel.
Panel 20- Another shot of Mowgli sitting beside his Wolf Brethren. I really like the type of stature he has in a Gentlemen sense of fashion in this one. It makes him look like t

shining boy coloring activity

shining boy coloring activity

i have searched a while for suitable coloring activity.

OK OK nothing about the beyblade books, which clever people managed to dispose off in an instant.

but, it is extremely demanding, not to say, impossibly difficult, to draw an unbalanced person, even if it is only coloring activity.

yamapi, or tomohisa yamashita, is a pop music star from japan. he is very popular among girls. however, his productions are capable to scare off people. for instance, one music video relates to people on strange drugs and luxury fetish.

i can not say, if this, such as in a few other movies, relates to own experience, maybe a dark past, or if it is fictional.

whatshowever, yamapi also likes it to be pictured with other boys. in japan, there are picture magazines available, where such guys show off latest fashion, have fun on the beach, and much more.

this sort of guys is called "gyaruo", a male person who puts effort into being "atractive", but with the intention on the opposite sex. if you look at a boyband concert (OK OK i can not stand most of such songs), there are even girls only.

however, there are people, like me, who take a look such showbiz people, not at least, to get in touch with their female fans.

as for yamapi, his girls are not too shy to answer a line, if you really want it...many of them for instance in singapore or indonesia. this is also where i found the picture- some girl managed to scan a few favourites.

it is simple coloring activity, to get the proportions right. don't say that i am in love with yamapi now...

i also do freehand drawings.

latest fashion for boys

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New york fashion district . History french fashion.

New York Fashion District Wholesale

new york fashion district

new york fashion district - High Quality

High Quality Cool Division Paris Fashion District Volume 3 Product Type Compact Disc Dance Collections Import

High Quality Cool Division Paris Fashion District Volume 3 Product Type Compact Disc Dance Collections Import

Track Title. 1. 1 Marco Lamioni Feat Luisella From Mondo Candido - Rien En Somme. 1. 2 Isabelle Antena - Le Poisson Des Mers Du Sud. 1. 3 Tape Five - Femme Libertan. 1. 4 Eddy De Clercq & Friends - Les Monstres Sacrs. 1. 5 Edc - Samba In Solitude. 1. 6 Berry - Le Bonheur. 1. 7 Vanessa Contenay - Quinones - Pres De Toi. 1. 8 Brigitte Fontaine - Gotan Project - Rue Saint - Louis En L'?le. 1. 9 Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem Pour Un Twisteur. 1. 10 Barbara Carlotti - Mademoiselle Opossum. 1. 11 Le Grand Popo Football Club - Les Filles (The Hacker Remix). 1. 12 Variety Lab - Money (Schillings' Villablack Remix). 1. 13 Petula Clark - Petite Fleur. 1. 14 Michel Fugain - Une Belle Histoire. 2. 1 Samp Brothers - Jazz Di Mezzaluna. 2. 2 Grum - Sound Reaction. 2. 3 Kid Loco - Gypsie Good Time (Waldeck Remix). 2. 4 Nekta - Here?S Us (Iskradisco! Electro Boogie Remix). 2. 5 Yasmeen - Gone. 2. 6 Sasha Barbot - Island Dream. 2. 7 Amerah - The Sound Of Missing You. 2. 8 Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle '09. 2. 9 Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey. 2. 10 Stefano Gamma - Love Is The Boss. 2. 11 Miamik - Insatiable. 2. 12 Dks - Babarabatiri (Original Radio). 2. 13 Whigfield - Saturday Night 2010. 2. 14 Sarah Mattea - Heart On Fire. Product Type: Compact Disc.

87% (5)

226 West Broadway (Department of Water Supply, Gas, and Electricity)

226 West Broadway (Department of Water Supply, Gas, and Electricity)

Tribeca, Manhattan, New York City, United States of America

This four-story, twenty-five-foot wide municipal office building, located midblock, was erected in 1912 for the Department of Water Supply, Gas, and Electricity as a headquarters for the repair company of the high pressure fire service system. It was designed by Augustus D. Shepard, Jr., an architect who spent much of his career working in the Adirondacks.

The building, faced in cream-colored glazed terra cotta, has characteristics of both an industrial workshop and an office building. The base has a center vehicular opening flanked by pedestrian doors. The Secessionist-inspired ornamentation of the building features one-of-a-kind forms of hydrants, pipes, and valves -- the iconographic representation of the work of the agency, the name of which appears in a panel at the second story. The upper facade is almost a window wall, with grouped two-over-two-over-two triple-hung wood sash, divided into bays which correspond to the divisions of the base; iron balustrades edge shallow balconies at the fourth story.

A curved parapet frames a sculptural of the seal of the City. The western elevation has a shallow skylight-lit extension at the first story and two or three windows at each story above. The building was erected on a city-owned lot on which had stood a wing of Ward School No 44, located at 10-12 North Moore Street. In 1967 this building was occupied by the Department of Welfare Maintenance Shop; it is currently in private ownership.


The Tribeca West Historic District is dominated by commercial buildings erected in the second half of the nineteenth century. As noted by the New York City Superintendent of Buildings as early as 1866, merchants sought to make buildings such as these "not only substantial in character, but ornamental in appearance.

The dominant architectural character of the Tribeca West Historic District is the result of this functional, yet decorative approach to commercial architecture, which produced substantial and attractive buildings whose form and appearance tended to transcend the changing fashions of architectural style. The specific style of such buildings was secondary to the building program and overall exterior effect, resulting in structures of similar scale whose contiguous cast-iron bases and masonry upper stories form visually coherent streetscapes.

Within the context of commercial architecture, the buildings in Tribeca West encompass a range of treatments: there are those strictly utilitarian, plain in appearance and influenced by longstanding vernacular traditions; there are those influenced by popular architectural styles and ornament, consciously designed to be decorative in appearance; and there are those which are elegant in appearance, reflecting contemporary high-style architecture. As a group, the buildings in the district display durable, high-quality materials, a palette of mostly red brick with stone and terra-cotta trim, and modest use of architectural ornament. They form an ensemble of functional yet decorative buildings, the original uses of which remain evident due to their remarkably intact condition.

The largest group of commercial buildings is composed of the store and loft type, executed in a range of architectural treatments. This multipurpose building type evolved in the nineteenth century to accommodate a variety of functions — including retail and operations, light manufacturing and processing operations, and offices — made necessary by the enormous growth and increasing complexity of commerce in New York City. Such businesses, especially those associated with the food industry, were located in the area immediately north of the Washington Market, in what is now the Tribeca West Historic District, and housed in store and loft buildings erected from about 1850 to 1910.

From around 1880 until around 1910, in response to changing demands in mercantile operations, warehouse buildings were erected in the district, mostly in the northern section. The warehouse, a larger and more specialized descendant of the store and loft building, is distinguished by its impressive scale and bulk. The exterior treatment of the typical warehouse built in the district incorporates multi-story arcades. There are also a number of more specialized commercial buildings represented in the district, including a mercantile exchange, office buildings, factories, a parking garage, and small commercial buildings.

There are several reminders of the district's pre-commercial era, when it was a residential neighborhood extending from Duane Park to St. John's Park. A number of Federal-era houses, subsequently converted for commercial uses, remain in the district. The continued mixed use of the neighborhood until the late nineteenth century is documented by the presence of several tenement buildings with commercial bases which were erected from the 1870s through the 1880s.

The institutional

Leonard Street

Leonard Street

Tribeca, Manhattan, New York City, United States of America

Architectural Description

Although Leonard Street between Hudson Street and Finn Square exhibits examples of buildings from a wide span of years, the majority of the structures on both sides of the street create consistent streetscapes of six- and seven-story store and loft facades. Built between 1873 and 1881, faced in brick, crowned by brick cornices, and for the most part simply articulated, these buildings create a powerful ensemble of utilitarian simplicity (especially Nos. 14 to 22). They are Nos. 20 (1874, J.S. Purdy) and 22 (1873-74, Joseph Naylor) which are identical, though erected under different New Building Applications; Nos. 23 to 27 (1876-77, John G. Prague); Nos. 29 and 31 (1880-81, J. Morgan Slade); and Nos. 14 to 18 (1881, J. Morgan Slade). The predominant color is red, with a small amount of buff (and some of the brick facades are painted in contrast to the buildings' original appearance). The buildings are further united by one-story bases with loading bays and diamond-plate loading platforms. The historic granite slabs in front of the buildings, which serve the dual purpose of basement vault covers and sidewalk pavement, remain in a few locations along the street.

Amid this general typological uniformity, a few individual buildings distinguish themselves because of their age, size, or use. At No. 17 remains a three-story commercial building from c. 1855-56, its quasi-residential character expressed in a utilitarian manner. Adjacent at No. 19-21, a well preserved former police precinct station house (1868, Nathaniel D. Bush) survives as an example of mid-nineteenth-century New York City public architecture in the Italianate style. At the western end of the street stand the secondary facades of some of the district's most prominent buildings; No. 155-159 Franklin Street (a/k/a 7-9 Leonard Street), a six-story neo-Grec store and loft building with a cast-iron base and a loading platform (1881, George W. DaCunha); No. 84-94 Hudson Street (a/k/a 2-8 Leonard Street) and No. 10-12 Leonard Street, two parts of a seven-story late nineteenth-century commercial style warehouse with Romanesque Revival elements (1881-82 and 1884-85, Edward Hale Kendall); and the ten-story neo-Renaissance Franklin-Hudson Building at 96-100 Hudson Street (a/k/a 1-5 Leonard Street), faced in buff brick, stone, and terra cotta (1909-10, Alexander Baylies). The remainder of the lots along this street (Nos. 11-13, 15, and 33) are one-story buildings whose facades of brick, stucco, and stainless steel date from the twentieth century and are largely altered. The four-story garage at No. 24-32 and the adjacent, concrete-block structure are outside the boundaries of this district.

Historical Summary

Named by Leonard Lispenard, owner of the nearby Lispenard Meadows, after his son of the same name, Leonard Street was laid out around 1797 as a twenty-seven-and-a-half-foot-wide street by Effingham Embree and ceded to the city in 1800. It was widened to its present fifty-foot width in 1806 and immediately developed with frame and masonry residences, none of which remain. By the 1850s the spread of commerce from downtown locations had transformed this street. Many houses were adapted for commercial occupants at the first story and received ancillary structures at the rear of the lot; other houses were replaced by small commercial structures, such as the brick building at No. 17 erected in 1855-56 for the Knickerbocker Ice Company. At that time, a sugar refinery, one of several in the neighborhood, was located on the site of what is today No. 24-32, just outside the boundary of the district.

A wave of development between 1873 and 1885 created more unified streetscapes on both sides of the street through the erection of six- and seven-story store and loft buildings and warehouses used primarily for the storage of dry goods; thirteen of these survive on the portion of the street included within the boundaries of the district. These structures were commissioned by a wide range of clients: Nos. 20 and 22 by the Naylor family, which ran a contracting and real estate company that was particularly active in the district; Nos. 14 to 18 for Helen C. Juilliard, who was presumably associated with the famous dry-goods firm of that name; Nos. 29 and 31 by financier Samuel D. Babcock and dry-goods merchant Augustus D. Juilliard; Nos. 23 to 27 by Walter B. Lawrence, a member of the Board of Governors of the New York Stock Exchange; and Nos. 84-94 Hudson Street (a/k/a 2-8 Leonard) and 10-12 Leonard Street by Robert and Ogden Goelet, members of one of New York's most successful and socially prominent families.

During the early twentieth century, typical uses of the buildings on Leonard Street included the storage of food products and of cardboard and paper. Varick Street (see) was extended southward from Franklin to Leonard Street around the end of World War I, necessitating the demo

new york fashion district

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Miami fashion design schools - Asian fashion review

Miami Fashion Design Schools

miami fashion design schools



Agua Bendita is a Colombian swimwear company, created in 2003 by Catalina Alvarez and Mariana Hinestroza, who have been the brand designers and owners since the beginning.
In just 7 years Agua Bendita has positioned itself as one of the fastest growing swimwear brands in the world. The exclusiveness of its designs and the quality of each garment has allowed it to have good exposure in important magazines, runways and international tradeshows. Agua Bendita is a brand that came to stay. Its position and projection are breaking barriers.
The company started when both designers were still in school pursuing their Major in Fashion Design at the Colegiatura Colombiana University Institution. It was an affinity in friendship and complemented tastes rather than a business concept at the beginning.
“The first collection or production was done with fabric patches and material leftovers given to us and from the beginning it was very elaborate. The patches were so small that swimsuits were completely made out of patchwork. This production was sold among friends and when we saw the uptake of the product, we began to think about creating a formal and stable company.”
The brand name arose at the University after creating the first 20 swimsuits, since then, they have been made out of patches and they also included scapulars with religious images for good luck. This is how the concept of adopting names that had to do with what was being proposed, came around. “Agua” or Water was important because it is swimwear and “Bendita” or Blessed or Holy because of the religious or positive energy concept that wearing a garment like this radiates. Also, the best ingredient to baptize something is “Agua Bendita” or “Holy Water”.
The product was widely accepted on the market since it satisfied the needs of the public it had reached with the initial production: a 20 piece collection that would later be too little for the demand. The product was soon well known across the country, captivating new clients and raising orders.
Thanks to the success of the first collection, a contact was made with the company Estudio de Moda, which saw its potential and the success the brand could have so they decided to try distributing the brand through the Pilatos chain of stores. The designers carried out their second production. They designed 40 swimsuits, of which 12 were selected to be sold at the Pilatos stores at El Tesoro and Oviedo Shopping Centers in Medellin, Colombia. The sales were so significant that in just one day, all the swimsuits were sold.
At this point, the designers and creators began to see the need to dedicate more time to the creation of their company and its results. Through commitment and dedication, they learned the business in every aspect and thus project themselves not only as designers but as business women as well.
During the last 7 years, Agua Bendita has been characterized by giving an innovative and modern touch to its genuine, Colombian garments. This makes them modern, dynamic and catchy. The success-factor of this company has been the combination of laser cutting with high quality, imported products and materials, which have been the spear point of product development. Also, the lucky seal, so to speak, of Agua Bendita’s garments, are the handcrafts made by Colombian artisans, who with their experience and accompanied by the brand’s designers, have been able to create hand-made pieces based on traditional handcrafts that give a vanguard touch.
Agua Bendita is a youthful, happy brand that has exclusive and flashy products that impose a tendency because it is based on playful, maximalist and progressive concepts that are established to be embodied in each one of the collections. Agua Bendita is a mix of technology, handcrafts and colors that are always joyful and alive… the brand has the look of a woman that wants to be admired, who wants to seek attention to herself and be noticed. This has allowed many women to identify themselves with the brand and they look for it, anywhere around the world.
The brand came into the international spotlight through well-known fairs and expos such as Colombiamoda, the Swimshow (Miami), Mode City (Paris), Intermoda (Guadalajara), Project (Las Vegas) as well as sharing the runway with Custo Barcelona and Silvia Tcherassi.
By participating in the Miami Swimshow, the largest swimsuit tradeshow, the brand became known across the world and that is where the garments were selected for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. This undoubtedly opened the door to the international market and soon exports began, including the North American market.
To the date, the brand has appeared in international publications such as Sports Ilustrated, Maxim, Vogue and Glamour, among others. This proves that it is a brand that is not just viable in Colombia but also on an international level. It has reached over 45 countries around the world in super high-end boutiques and next to the most prestigious and well



Tecnica: Mixta

Estudio el Profesorado Nacional de Escultura,
IUNA, Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes “Prilidiano Pueyrredon”, Diseno de moda, Fashion School of Design, Boston, Massachussets, EEUU., Fine Arts, especializado en escultura, “School of the Museum of Fine Arts” Boston, Massachussets, EEUU, Escenografia, Universidad del Salvador, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.Talleres/workshops,Aurelio Macchi, escultor, Miguel Davila, pintor,Alberto Delmonte, Pintor, Cristina Santander, Grabadora

Exhibiciones /exhibitions
2010 "Maria Casado Home Gallery", muestra individual, Buenos Aires.
2009 -"Hagamos visible lo invisible" convocatoria de la fundacion Avon, centro cultural Recoleta.
2008 - Arteamericas, Feria de arte Latinoamericano, Maria Casado Home Gallery, Miami.
2005 y 2004, Casa FOA, Buenos Aires
2003: -Arte Ba, Feria de arte contemporaneo, Galeria Laura Haber, Bs. As.-“Expotrastiendas”, Feria de Galerias, Galeria Laura Haber. Bs. As.
Entre otras.

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