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Latest Fashion In Malaysia. Fashion Industry Singapore.

Latest Fashion In Malaysia

latest fashion in malaysia

Fragrance of Post-Modernity. Calvin KIein, Jamie Dornan, Bob Dylan in Pink Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fragrance of Post-Modernity. Calvin KIein, Jamie Dornan, Bob Dylan in Pink Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Green is Natural in this stark photo taken near one of the great temples of Shopping, The Pavilion, in the heart of the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur. The rest is synthetic or photo-paper or concrete. Mid-February the Chinese New Year - The Year of the Tiger - will be upon us. This of course calls for bright-colored Red - for Luck and Prosperity - displays. And thus everywhere in these areas Red Lanterns swing, Deep Pink Unreal Trees abound... and Everything's for sale.
CKFree - Calvin Klein's latest in men's fragrances - is advertised here by a larger than life billboard of Irish model Jamie Dornan (1982- ), suavely acting manly.
As I was shooting the photos of which I selected this one, someone mentioned Dornan's name of whom I - a mere historian and amateur naturalist - had never heard but could hardly escape seeing. It seems that Bob Dylan (1941- ) is one of Dornan's favorite singers. I suddenly remembered:

"If your time to you
Is worth savin'/
Then you better start swimmin'/
Or you'll sink like a stone/
For the times they are a-changin'."

I suppose I could have taken a taxi just from here... I walked instead to breathe fresh air in the KLCC Gardens. ... And yet... these billboards have a fascination all their own, and it's hard to escape their hold. 'Hidden Persuaders': isn't that the term for this?
Similar scenes, of course, are everywhere. Earlier I posted one of Boss adds in the Leidsestraat of Amsterdam.

DSC 0950

DSC 0950

It's m-ifw! FruFru & Tigerlily Singapore. FruFru & Tigerlily debuted at Singapore Fashion week this year and garnered quite a response with their fun, flirty and lyrics-inspired collection names. The punk sensibility that featured in their collections since the start continues to dominate subtly all throughout their recent collections. Obviously inspired by music from all genres, FruFru & Tigerlily will showcase their latest collection during M-IFW '08.

latest fashion in malaysia

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