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Breaking News November 23, 2010

Breaking News November 23, 2010

With the supply of the H1N1 flu shots falling short by millions, and cases of infections rising daily, the okay was given for other more experimental methods of producing the serum.

One of the first to respond was a small company in Hong Kong known as Chengwie Health International who’s radical new method involved using not wreaked flu viruses, but components taken from the donated blood of people who had survived H1N1, then both altering it genetically and cloning it and so, or so they claimed, creating a flu shot 10 times as effective.

Tests in Hong Kong had gone flawlessly with no apparent side-effects showing up. And so ten thousand shots of this were order to be tried at random in the general population in America.

The CHI serum seemed to be doing the job, and far better than the vaccine manufactured in the traditional fashion.

And then report of unknown side effect started to come in.

Among the first were Arthur and Julia Tandy of Modesto, California who reported feeling “odd” the whole day after receiving their CHI flu shot that morning and so going to bed early.

They awoke, after what Arthur called a strange fever dream filled night, to find themselves in bed with someone other than whom they had retired the night before with.

These strangers turned out to be themselves, overnight they had both apparently become people of Chinese descent.

Elsewhere other people who had randomly gotten the CHI vaccine where also finding their genetic information so altered. Ironically Mrs. Tandy still came down with a flu.

A flu that she ended up passing on to coworker Piper Neumann, that’s when the already unbelievable became fantastic, because while the cold that Mrs. Tandy passed on to Ms Neumann was mild, it had the new effect, along with sore throat, runny nose and cough, of altering Piper into an Chinese woman.

The effect of the CHI flu vaccine, which had shown up in only a few hundred people, and bonded itself to the common cold and created something new, a flu that became known as HA1N2 or the Absolute Hong Kong Flu.

“Thank goodness we have a really good Chinatown here in Modesto,” was patient zero Piper’s first public remark.

And while Ms Piper was moved temporarily to a holding facility by the World Health Organization (shown here in from her interview with this reporter for the NBC Nightly New) her job as a bank teller meant that too many people had already been exposed to this new virus, which spread quickly.

Within a month over twenty-three thousand new cases of the Absolute Hong Kong Flu had been reported in California alone.

Within three months, despite all the precautions taken, it had spread throughout the country and more than a dozen other countries.

By the end of the forth month of the outbreak over 5 million people had contracted it.

It was than that Chengwie Health International, the company at the center of the whirlwind of controversy that this created, came forward with the revelation that unknown to them this side-effect had been a part of their new process all along, “we just didn’t notice because all the people on whom it was first tested were already Han Chinese, and so it’s effect was negligible…. Oops.”

In compensation CHI Int. donated 136 million dollars to the creation of a string of so-called Cultural Initiation Clubs / Classrooms, which proved only marginally successful in the West, but quickly became mandatory in China, Hong Kong, & Singapore for non-Chinese so transformed by the flu there.

Now after 11 months HA1N2 has faded, but not until some 44 million people worldwide have found themselves to be newly minted ethnically Han Chinese, what their reaction to this will be remains a question for tomorrow.

For NBC News this is Brian Williams, wan an hao yun. (goodnight & good luck)

IMGP6749 Hong Kong-Kwun Tong-?? 2009 Aug 10 22:00

IMGP6749 Hong Kong-Kwun Tong-?? 2009 Aug 10 22:00

??? “Pentax DA 70mm F2.4 Limited” ???
Pentax K-m 1/3sec F1.4 ISO100 with Tripod
Lens: Pentax-M 50mm F1.4 Prime Lens.
Flash Light:Nil
White Balance:Tungsten Light
No Retouch

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