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Invicta Watch Models - Womens Leather Watches.

Invicta Watch Models

invicta watch models

    invicta watch
  • Invicta Watch Group is a Florida-based fashion watch company, trading on the name, but a distinct entity from the company founded in 1837 by Raphael Picard in La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland.

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Real vs. Copy

Real vs. Copy

The Invicta 2248 on the right was my first automatic watch. It was cool because it looked like a Omega Seamaster -- it was a weird mash-up of an Omega Seamaster (blue color, scalloped bezel, background) with a Rolex Submariner (hands, markers, bracelet, size, magnification lens). Now, it just looks cheesy next to the real deal.

Invicta Model #2470

Invicta Model #2470

This watch was left/stolen at the bennigans on I-drive and westwood blvd near sea world in Orlando FL, had the yellow/tan band on at the time.

invicta watch models

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