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Vintage style watch : Blue rubber watch band

Vintage Style Watch

vintage style watch

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Passing Through Time Together Vintage Style Watch Pendant

Passing Through Time Together Vintage Style Watch Pendant

Isn't this watch beautiful? It takes you back through time with it's filigree casing and bold and beautiful watch face. I added a wonderful cornflower blue polymer clay rose, mounted on antiqued bronze filigree and wire wrapped a gorgeous opalescent faceted teardrop and hung both these charms from antiqued bronze chains. The piece is tied together with 29 inches of antique bronze chain with an antiqued bronze lobster claw closure.

Putting this piece together made me think about the rare and wonderful people in my life that from the moment you meet them, it's like you have known them you have been Passing Through Time Together!

Watches: Sea-gull 1963 Air Force Chronograph Re-issue

Watches:  Sea-gull 1963 Air Force Chronograph Re-issue

Tianjin Sea-gull 1963 Air Force Chronograph Re-issue

Chinese Hand-wind ST-19 (Venus 175) bi-compax chronograph movement, 37mm diameter, stainless steel with acrylic crystal. Di-modell Bali contrast-stitch strap.

vintage style watch

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