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College Hotel Lyon : Motels Near San Diego Airport : Hotel Pension Klockerhof

College Hotel Lyon

college hotel lyon

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Lyon Lockers Installed in Upper East Side Private School

Lyon Lockers Installed in Upper East Side Private School

When buying lockers Gale's (Est. 1938) does the homework for you. Selecting standard sizes is key to keeping costs down. First consider your space available and the number of lockers needed. Two Tier Lockers offer space saving storage solutions for many applications. Other options to consider is flat top or sloping tops, Z base bottoms or legs with open or closed bases. Recessed handles or tamper proof handles. Depth of lockers depends on available space and use. Most NYC locker users need at least 15"D lockers, With 18" Deep being the most popular depth. When buying lockers consider the Warranty. Lyon Workspace Lockers offers a Lifetime Warranty. Gale's has installed thousands of Lockers in NYC, We offer free onside layout assistance and quotation. Gale's manages every install to insure the delivery, offload and installation is seamless. being onsite offers our customers added service that others may not be willing to do. We make sure our customers get more than they paid for on every purchase. Call today for your free onsite layout and locker sestion guide.
Gale's Industrial Supply
(732)264-2000 x 19

College Hotel (me)

College Hotel (me)

The College Hotel in Lyon. Brilliant minimalist design based on a school theme.

college hotel lyon

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