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Minnesota Bed And Breakfast. La Quinta Inn Ca. Mark Hotel Frankfurt.

Minnesota Bed And Breakfast

minnesota bed and breakfast

  • Minnesota is a U.S. state located in the Midwestern United States. The twelfth largest state of the U.S., it is the twenty-first most populous, with 5.27 million residents.

  • A state in the northern central US, on the Canadian border; pop. 4,919,479; capital, St. Paul; statehood, May 11, 1858 (32). Part of it was ceded to Britain by the French in 1763 and then acquired by the US in 1783. The remainder formed part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803

  • The Minnesota River is a tributary of the Mississippi River, approximately 332 miles (534 km) long, in the U.S. state of Minnesota.

  • a midwestern state

  • the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)

  • provide breakfast for

  • Have this meal

  • eat an early morning meal; "We breakfast at seven"

  • A place or article used by a person or animal for sleep or rest

  • A piece of furniture for sleep or rest, typically a framework with a mattress and coverings

  • furnish with a bed; "The inn keeper could bed all the new arrivals"

  • a plot of ground in which plants are growing; "the gardener planted a bed of roses"

  • The time for sleeping

  • a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep; "he sat on the edge of the bed"; "the room had only a bed and chair"

Cadiz Fireplace

Cadiz Fireplace

Our Cadiz Garden Suite. This Picture was picked for the cover of The Minnesota Bed and Breakfast guide for 2010

113 Bohemian Inn

113 Bohemian Inn

We spent our 36th wedding anniversary here at the Bohemian Inn in New Ulm, MN, June 2009

minnesota bed and breakfast

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