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Gold Testing Needles

gold testing needles

    gold testing
  • Gold buyers test gold to determine the actual karat weight of the gold. This can be done with an electronic gold tester, or an acid test. If a piece is suspect both tests may be used. Gold is tested because not all gold is correctly marked, or genuine. See Buying Gold Karats

  • The gold content or karat can be tested in a piece of jewelry by rubbing the item to be tested on a testing stone, similar to slate (slate is sometimes used) and using Hydrochloric acid, in different strengths to determine the gold content.

  • (needle) acerate leaf: the leaf of a conifer

  • Such an instrument used in crafts such as crochet, knitting, and lacemaking

  • A very fine slender piece of polished metal with a point at one end and a hole or eye for thread at the other, used in sewing

  • Something resembling a sewing needle in use, shape, or appearance, esp

  • (needle) goad or provoke,as by constant criticism; "He needled her with his sarcastic remarks"

  • (needle) a slender pointer for indicating the reading on the scale of a measuring instrument



My medical test went okay! They did the HIV test, so the guy who took my blood for testing was pretty much a loser, he literally injected the needle in my hands at four different places. I didnt really care about that coz there was this really hot doctor who was going to 'examine' me. So anyways he does come and looks at my file and goes , good morning Ms.Narayan , i'll be the doctor for you today. (in my head , i'm like say my name again never sounded so good before), so i basically drooled over a hot Fijian doctor for 30 seconds before spotting THAT BIG FAT UGLY GOLD RING on his left finger! ( property claimed!!!) And my dream of the big bungalow and the two lil perfect kids just shattered during daylight. . dont ask me why my dad is sitting like that , and i dont knw why my feet luk so big , i just thinks it's the angle , so i put the camera on the floor but i couldnt go any further because it was the walk way and some brilliant mind would have kicked it.

I'm done with everyone's photostream. :) I watched like two movies in a row , first i watched click haha gotta love Adam. Then i watched Eklavya. I'm deeply fascinated with big haveli's , it's awesome. i'm getting married in one.

Looking south down Peralta Trail - Superstition Wilderness

Looking south down Peralta Trail - Superstition Wilderness

Peralta Trail to Fremont Saddle is one of the most popular trails in Arizona. About 5 miles roundtrip and about 1,500 Accumulated Elevation Gain. At the saddle is a spectacular view to the north of Weaver's Needle and the interior of the western Superstition Wilderness. A strong hiker can keep going on down the Peralta Trail and use this as a gateway into the inner Western Superstition Wilderness.

The little round rock on top of the rocks on the left is called Pivot Rock. The columns on the right are hoodoos from ancient volcanic activity in this area.

Rain was forecast with temps in the 40's. I figured there would not be (as) many people on this trail in the rain. There were still quite a few people but the parking lot was only about 1/3rd full so not as many people as normal. So I decided to test my raingear on a nice little hike. Started as a drizzle and was intermittently light rain. Marmot Precip jacket and Sierra Designs pants performed perfectly. I was dry and warm.

gold testing needles

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