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How To Make Makeup Look Natural - 70's Make Up Style - Individualist Natural Finish Makeup

How To Make Makeup Look Natural

how to make makeup look natural

  • A sign (?) denoting a natural note when a previous sign or the key signature would otherwise demand a sharp or a flat

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    how to
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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

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  • cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance

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Four - Giraffe

Four - Giraffe

This week's been pretty good I guess. My Body photographs were appreciated by my project leader and my classmates, so I was happy that my first University project went well. So I was over the moon! At the weekend I went to York with my friends and that's where I bought this ridiculously lovely hat :) I really wanted a Penguin one, but I had to go with my second favourite animal because there was no more Penguin.

This trip to York awoke my childness-ness! I was just able to be silly again with people I felt really comfortable with. I guess that's what I wanted this image to represent. Immaturity.
There is a bit of wildness in all of us, hence the reason I decided not to wear a top, the sight of skin to me represents naturalness. Plus is makes the image look more neutral and takes away any extraneous distractions.

I've always been really interested in the idea of Evolution and how we all still have natural instincts which drive our actions - no matter how much everyone believes in free-will. To me, there is always a rational/scientific explanation of why we do what we do.

Fact #4 - My favourite animal is a Penguin.

Taken on 7th Nov 2010

[075-365] Au naturel?

[075-365] Au naturel?

If men only knew how much make up goes into the natural look....

I got these brushes in the mail today...they are part of an antibacterial brush set from sephora :) i'm excited to start using them...they feel so soft!

how to make makeup look natural

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