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16.05.2007., srijeda

Lopar Ferienwohnungen

VeAn Apartments I want to write about problems which regular internet surfers have when that are looking for information on google. Specially on google.de.

If you are interested just in my apartments visit www.lopar-apartments.info
and skip this blog.

I don't know why, but my website about Lopar Apartments is on 2. place when you tipe LOPAR FERIENWOHNUNGEN in any google page, but when you type same phrase in google.de you will get different picture.

I read somewhere that google.de isn't any more in google ownership. Maybe that it the problem I looking for. But if he don't use same logarithms like original one, why should german people use .de.

Same problem with google.at. For LOPAR FERIENWOHNUNG my website is 7! Not bad for new website, but for LOPAR FERIENWOHNUNGEN is 11!
Wiht google.de my website about lopar private apartments for LOPAR FERIENWOHNUNG is 20!
And for LOPAR FERIENWOHNUNGEN is 29! I don't understand all this, but I have problem.

Did you notice all that new agency on web? I'm sure you did. Do you still want to pay extra to someone just to make booking for you? You can find private accommodation and don't pay more to someone to do nothing.

I know that is easier with agency because they have large database, and can find apartment for you.
But really, it isn't so hard to do that work alone.

Everything you need to do is make your search better!
1. Use --"-- for that: instead LOPAR FERIENWOHNUNGEN

" is very useful and will give you better search.

2. You can use ADVANCED SEARCH:
There you have box: WITH THE EXACT PHRASE. That will help you a lot when you find something specific like: Lopar apartments with air condition.

If you have any questions...
feel free to visit www.lopar-apartments.info

VeAn - Lopar Apartments

Villa VeAn
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