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05.02.2007., ponedjeljak

Lopar Ferienwohnung - Lopar Ferienwohnungen - Lopar Ferienwohnungen Klimaanlage - Lopar Ferienwohnun Klimaanlage

www.lopar-apartments.info Hello again.

I want to write something about SEO for croatia apartments website.

I rent apartment in LOPAR so If you are interesting in APARMENTS then:
Click here if you want to see my website:
Lopar Apartments

Why am I writing about SEO?
Imagine to be first on google for one specified word or phrase.

In my case, I rent apartments in Lopar, Islan of Rab, Croatia. So if I want to rent my apartments I need to on good position on google.

Let chose one phrase: Lopar Apartments

If you try to wite that on google, you will see that my website for lopar apartments isn't on 1.page.In fact, it is on 5. (i think so)

But this blog is on 2 place. So google must love blogs? I will write about that in next post.

Just to mention for some next subject:
For Lopar apartments - arbia.blog.hr is on 25. place! and www.lopar-apartments.info is on 13 place (strange!?!)

For Lopar apartments air condition- arbia.blog.hr is on 2. place (3)! and www.lopar-apartments.info is on 48. place!

For Lopar apartments aircondition- arbia.blog.hr is on 2. place! and I don't know where is my website!

For Lopar apartments air conditioner- arbia.blog.hr is on 6. place and www.lopar-apartments.info is on 42. place!

For beginner like me, not bad.

So what can I do to improve my lopar apartments with air conditioner?
There is lots of tricks, and believe me ALL ARE USED. I try some tricks also, but I just don't want to play like that. It just can NOT be possible that only that is functioning.

What I can do instead? I can make this blog. For start I need to optimize INBOUND LINKS.
What is that?

I need to look my content and from keywords and phrase on it I need to make links to some of my web pages. What is important, I need to put 3-4% keywords (phrase) like Lopar or Rab, or Lopar Apartments. If I put to much, google will not like that. So like everyone is writing one or two keywords, I need to write bigger phrase. Then it is better to use lopar apartments air condition. croatian lopar apartments, apartments in lopar with air condition.

Of course, I will not have lots of traffic, but I will have only those people which are looking just that. If if you write Dubrovnik apartments I realy don't want to be on 1. google place.I don't rent apartments in Dubrovnik. I rent apartments in Lopar.

That is first thing I need to fix. When I do that I will back again and then we will see how that put me some position UP on google for lopar apartments or rab lopar apratments or croatia lopar aprtments

One legal trick:

Check in google.hr where is www lopar apartments.info
for Lopar apartmetns.
Note that there is one mistake:
I write Lopar apartmeTNs.

How often people make mistake when they are searching something on google?
Maybe I can use that? And this time I didn't make it on purpose.
It was typing mistake.
But I will use it. :)

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