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11.01.2007., četvrtak

LOPAR Apartments, Aircondition, TV SAT

VeAn Apartmani There are four comfortable apartments waiting for you: 3 star category, indoor space from 40 m2 to 70 m2.With 30 years of experience, we are ready to offer you the vacation of your dreams.Our apartments are renovated every year in order to be at level you deserve. In the year 2006, we have finished a complete renovation of the apartments. Look at photos of all apartments.

We are located in the most ideal place:

- far away from any type of noise during night
- only 10 min walking distance from a shop, or a post office
only 5-15 min walking distance from various restaurants
- only 10 min walking distance from a soccer field
- only 5 min by car or 20 min walking distance from sport fields or various activities
- only 5-10 min of walking distance from the nearest beaches
- Only 5 min by car or 20 min of walking distance from the beach Rajska

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