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Asian Inspired Decorating

asian inspired decorating

  • Provide (a room or building) with a color scheme, paint, wallpaper, etc

  • (decorate) make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.; "Decorate the room for the party"; "beautify yourself for the special day"

  • Confer an award or medal on (a member of the armed forces)

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asian inspired decorating - Asian Inspired

Asian Inspired Home Decorating

Asian Inspired Home Decorating

This article offers unique insight into some of today's most relevant and exciting do-it-yourself home improvement topics.

This article is an easy, short read that Kindle users will find very rewarding and worth the price of the article many times over.

This article offers unique insight into some of today's most relevant and exciting do-it-yourself home improvement topics.

This article is an easy, short read that Kindle users will find very rewarding and worth the price of the article many times over.

79% (12)

Essentials of Interior Design

Essentials of Interior Design

Illustration by Rocky Wu / Courier

Experts Say These Elements Will Make A Room Shine

Peter Herrero, Arts Editor

From personal experience, after going to fashion school as an interior design major, a lot of the professors’ insight as professional designers made a difference.
Randall Hatch, an interior design instructor at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising taught his students a list of six items that are essential to any room. He called them the six isms of interior design.

“These things are imperative to having a successfully designed room,” he said. “With these items, you are almost always guaranteed to have pleased clients.”

The first item he found essential was something green. Whether it’s on a rug or a simple sconce, the green item lends a natural touch to the room.

The next thing he said was imperative to achieving a professionally decorated room is something red. It compliments the green from the first item.

A black item creates a contrast in colors.

Next on the list is something paired. A pair of chairs will do, or it can be as simple as a pair of candle sticks. He says they add balance to the space.

After a pair of items is checked off the list, something alive has to be found. This usually refers to plants. Since most plants are predominantly green, they would take care of two of the items on the list.

Finally, an Asian-inspired item can be used to add interest. A room Hatch designed a year ago featured a pair of shoes with an Asian print as a design element.

When looking at interiors or architecture, sometimes less is more.

“The first thing we’re taught as architects,” said Eric Ea, a 23 year-old architecture major, “is to take out decorative materials. What works with architecture is a very organic look, where things are less decorative. What’s Asian-inspired is the organic look.”

There are other things designers do to ensure a successful project. Coordinating colors, paying attention to details like line and shape, and keeping things in balance and proportion are essential to a well-designed interior space.

Color has a psychological affect on people. It is said that yellow makes infants cry, yet it also energizes older children and adults.

“Color theory and psychology states that red condones arguments,” said Ea. “It’s not used in kitchens as much.”

Red also provides a sense of lost time. It is used in restaurants so patrons lose track of time and linger for a while, according to a color theory instructor at FIDM.

“Lighting plays a major role in how a place is perceived,” said Peter DeMaria, an architecture instructor at PCC. “Not just artificial light, natural light as well.”

Lighting should be seen as a way to improve a place. Careful consideration should be made when choosing materials.

K I M O N O : Kyoto

K I M O N O : Kyoto

Two kimono clad visitors at Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto.

Yasaka Shrine, also known as Gion Shrine, is famous for its Gion Matsuri, one of Japan's largest festivals. It is located at the eastern end of Shijo-dori and is one of the city's most popular shrines. The many lanterns that decorate the shrine's stage are lit after dark and bear the names of their sponsors, mostly Kyoto businesses.

Located just next to shrine grounds is Maruyama Park, Kyoto's most popular spot for enjoying cherry blossoms in spring.

asian inspired decorating

asian inspired decorating

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