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Nikon Polarizing Filter 52mm

nikon polarizing filter 52mm

    polarizing filter
  • A common filter that removes reflections from water, glass and other surfaces, it also increases colour saturation.

  • (polarizing filters) Used on camera lenses to selectively remove excess light.

  • The polarizing filter used with most modern cameras is a circular polarizer. The first stage of the polarizer is a linear filter which filters out light that is linearly polarized in a specific direction.

  • A photographic or optical filter that polarizes the light passing through it, used chiefly for reducing reflections and improving contrast. Two polarizing filters are often used together, such that rotation of one of them results in a neutral density filter of variable density

  • ' , also known as Nikon or Nikon Corp.''', is a multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan specializing in optics and imaging.

  • Vibration Reduction. This is Nikon's nomenclature for a lens which has the ability to correct for "Camera Shake".

  • Bishop Nikon (Liolin) (born October 9, 1945, New York City) is an Albanian bishop who serves as the head of the Orthodox Church in America's Albanian Archdiocese and New England diocese.

nikon polarizing filter 52mm - Nikon D5000

Nikon D5000 High Grade Multi-Coated, Multi-Threaded, 3 Piece Lens Filter Kit (52mm) Made By Optics + Nwv Direct Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Nikon D5000 High Grade Multi-Coated, Multi-Threaded, 3 Piece Lens Filter Kit (52mm) Made By Optics + Nwv Direct Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

This Item Includes: 1. UV Lens Filter 2. Polarizing Filter 3. Flourescent Filter 4. Filter Pouch 5. Nwv Direct Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. Lens filters are translucent pieces of glass placed in front of a camera lens to alter or adjust the light entering the camera and more importantly to protect the camera lens. Lens filters improve photographs by giving photographers control over light and allowing them to emphasize the features of a scene that they consider most important.This filter kit is a combination of the three essential filters no photographer should be without.UV--Film and a digital CCD are more sensitive to UV light than our eyes are. This often shows up in images shot from high altitudes and long distances especially over water. This filter will remove the UV light and more importantly protect your lens from moisture, scratches, and damage.Polarizer--provides color and contrast enhancement. Reflected light often shows up as a whitish glare that washes out color in an image. A polarizing filter will correct this problem creating deep blue skies. It also removes glare from non-metallic surfaces such as windows and water.FLD--provides color correction when shooting under fluorescent lighting. It will remove the greenish tint from the image, providing pleasing skin tones and true to life color renditions. Warranty:10 year manufacturer warranty. Made in Japan

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52mm polarizing filter to get 'vignette' effect


HDR from single RAW frame. exposed at -3.0, -1.5, 0.0, 1.5, 3.0
tonemapped using photomatix.
layer and curve masks using photoshop to adjust colors and tones.

my gear

my gear

this is what i use to shoot. three film cameras and one digital. everything has been bought used except the 50mm nikon lens with a filter on it(not listed yet), and the nissin digital flash. i have no digital lens

now you dont have to ask what i have if you want to know. oh and i have used a little kodak c330 for taking this picture.

nikon polarizing filter 52mm

nikon polarizing filter 52mm

Nikon Filter Set, 52mm NC Neutral Clear / 52mm Circular Polarizer II Thin Ring Multi-Coated

Nikon 52mm NC Neutral Clear Filter A clear (colorless) filter for color as well as black and white films. Also serves as a permanent lens protector. Multi-coated to minimize reflection at the filter surfaces which reduces flare and ghosting. Nikon 52mm Circular Polarizer II Thin Ring Multi-Coated Glass Filter In general, light reflected from water, glass, or other shiny materials is polarized and adversely affects image definition. Circular polarizing filters reduce or eliminate unwanted reflections and increase the overall contrast of subjects in low-contrast situations Usually, light from the sky is polarized due to reflections and dispersions in the air. Circular polarizing filters cut these reflections, making the sky blueror intensifying colors. Much thinner and lighter than conventional models to cut vignetting on Wide Angle lenses Multi Layer coatings on both sides to reduce ghost images and flare Filter thread on front of filter for attaching Lens caps and hood

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