Power Aquarium Filters

power aquarium filters

    aquarium filters
  • (Aquarium filter) Aquarium filters are critical components of both freshwater and marine aquaria.Leibel WS (1993) A fishkeepers guide to South American cichlids. Tetra Press. Belgium pg 12-14.

  • supply the force or power for the functioning of; "The gasoline powers the engines"

  • possession of controlling influence; "the deterrent power of nuclear weapons"; "the power of his love saved her"; "his powerfulness was concealed by a gentle facade"

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power aquarium filters - Fluval C3

Fluval C3 Power Filter

Fluval C3 Power Filter

The Fluval C3 Power Filter features 5 stages of filtration: 2 mechanical, 1 chemical and 2 biological stages for top performance. Each filter is equipped with the Fluval C3 Poly/Foam, Activated Carbon, C-nodes and drip tray pad. An integrated trickle chamber filled with C-Nodes is where biological filtration is super charged for fast and efficient nitrification. The mechanical filtration is performed by a dual layer of foam and polyester, and is easily removed for quick cleaning. The patented recirculation grid enhances mechanical filtration when the flow rate is reduced. A convenient chemical insert basket directs water flow to maximize toxin removal. Maintaining only one stage at a time will preserve beneficial bacteria, resulting in a stress-free environment, while ensuring aquarium water stays clear. The Fluval C3 Power Filter clips on, is ideal for use on aquariums between 20 to 50 gallons, and is the perfect way to provide your fish with refreshing and clear water.

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2009 04 17 25053

2009 04 17 25053

I have finally decided to restart my aquarium. It will be interesting to take everything I learned to start it from scratch rather than trying to add upon something that was started on knowing nothing.

I have my new canister filter (eheim) set up now. New heater. New power head for the CO2 and another another bag of fluorite (apparently they stock it in black now). Grabbed some Java Moss for the driftwood. Trying some Glossostigma as ground cover for the left. I am having a brain fart on the the last one... Delicate Ammannia? Perhaps the middle behind the drift wood.

The goal is to get it to its previous glory (and create an emergency equipment fund). Hopefully in a few months it will be close to where it was and ready for some fish.

At this point I cleaned the tank up (mostly, a few spots I missed, it was a lot to do), set up everything in the way I want it. Next plant everything

Aquarium Reboot - Feb 10th 2010

Aquarium Reboot - Feb 10th 2010

Finally, some positive progress. I finally decided on what direction to go with my lighting, I already dropped 240$ on a CFL hood with 2x65watt 6700k bulbs a couple years ago, but when I initially checked prices on the bulbs they were close to 70$ a piece! I found somewhere that did 50$, still a bit much, but they have made a difference =) As well I have 2x T5HO 24watt 2ft strips running as well (custom made too, woot). I still have some problems with algae but I am determined to win this time. Some really good growth has been happening over the two weeks since I replaced the bulbs. I was running the CO2 direct to the canister filter prior, however I decided to try misting it through the power head I have in there.

power aquarium filters

power aquarium filters

Aqueon 06079 QuietFlow 55/75 Power Filter, 400GPH

Aqueon QuietFlow Power Filters and cartridges were designed with the fish and the aquarist in mind. Our patented designs include unique features to enhance water quality and clarity, increase oxygen levels and lessen noise. Aqueon QuietFlow Power Filters feature four stages of filtration -- mechanical, chemical, biological and wet/dry -- for the cleanest, clearest, healthiest water. Higher flow rates ensure higher dissolved oxygen content for healthier, more active fish. The internal pump design helps dampen noise, eliminates leaks and starts up automatically after cleaning or power interruptions.

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