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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Pictures

christmas tree decorating ideas pictures

    christmas tree
  • Christmas bush: Australian tree or shrub with red flowers; often used in Christmas decoration

  • flame tree: a terrestrial evergreen shrub or small tree of western Australia having brilliant yellow-orange flowers; parasitic on roots of grasses

  • European silver fir: tall timber tree of central and southern Europe having a regular crown and grey bark

  • A real or artificial evergreen tree set up and decorated with lights and ornaments as part of Christmas celebrations

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christmas tree decorating ideas pictures - Fancy Nancy:

Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas

Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas

What could be fancier than Christmas?
Presents with elegant wrapping paper, festive decorations, Christmas cookies with sprinkles—and who could forget the tree? After all, there is no such thing as too much tinsel. Ooh la la! This year, Nancy is especially excited about decorating the Christmas tree. She bought a brand-new sparkly tree topper with her own money and has been waiting for Christmas to come. But when things don't turn out the way Nancy planned, will Christmas still be splendiferous?
In this merriest of stories from bestselling duo Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser, Nancy proves once again that a little fancying up can go a long, festive way!

86% (16)

best present ever

best present ever

i got a christmas tree this year, which is a point of interest only because i am jewish. but jason has a tiny apartment that will hardly fit a pair of socks, so we got one for my ample front room. i was pretty excited about it because i love the idea of indoor trees. my ceilings are ridiculously high, so we got the tallest one the guy had and it smelled so good. i was afraid that my jewish hands would be incapable of properly decorating a christmas tree, but i think i did an alright job. after being disappointed in the high prices at mayo and lowe's we were about to give up, but we passed a home-made christmas tree farm sign and followed about twelve more of them until we got to this guy's backyard where kids were jumping on the trampoline and freshly cut trees were waiting just for us. it was dark out when we got there, so we didn't get to pick one out to be cut down, but i don't think i would want to do that anyway. it was kind of like picking out the puppy i wanted without having to see it get separated from its mother. i hate the idea of cutting trees down, even when they're being grown explicitly for that purpose.

the guy who lived there chopped off the lower limbs and helped us strap it to the top of jason's car - he was so happy because we were the last customers and we caused him to sell one christmas tree more than the number he sold that day the previous year.

oh yeah, the whole point of this picture is that, in true cat style, doctor claw is a box fiend. she loved that amazon box and was angry when i finally filled it up with stuff that wasn't her.

Baby, you're a firework.

Baby, you're a firework.

boom boom boom, even brighter then the moon moon moon. :)
Katy Perry¦

This is a 4th of July throwback. Even though its Christmas Eve :) hahah im a good little Jewish girl. Right now its 11:30, actually 11:25 to be exact! but, im excited for Christmas because we still celebrate it because some of my family is Christian. I's gonna have a couple of Christmas pictures up soon!

I love the idea of Santa, it seems so sweet.

My favorite part about Christmas is that we don't do anything. We just kinda sit around eating crackers and cheese until my grandpa finished the meat, and my aunt finishes the yorkshire pudding. This year we got this yule log and it has all of these frosting animals on it like squirrels and deer :) it was adorable. I think I watched "White Christmas" about 4 times so far. I think that there are only specials on TV now :) I mean, I don't mind at all!! BUT NOW ITS 11:27!

I can't wait until Christmas. I wish we could get a tree because they're so pretty with the lights and i love all of the different ornaments. I always try to remember to go and help my aunt decorate theirs. ITS NOW 11:29, so I'm going to go and continue my countdown to Christmas alone :) watching food network about how to make cookies :)


P.S. this is my longest description, and I'm very proud that I typed it all up :)

christmas tree decorating ideas pictures

christmas tree decorating ideas pictures

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