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Hotel Monteleone Reviews. Accommodation In Halls Gap.

Hotel Monteleone Reviews

hotel monteleone reviews

    hotel monteleone
  • Hotel Monteleone is a family-owned and operated hotel located at 214 Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The hotel includes the only high-rise building in the interior French Quarter and is well known for its Carousel Piano Bar & Lounge, a rotating bar.

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New Orleans Current Music Venues 01 - Hotel Monteleone

New Orleans Current Music Venues 01 - Hotel Monteleone

Address: 214 Royal Street, New Orleans (French Quarter).
Dates: 1950s to date.

The hotel was built in 1886. Since the 1950s there has been music in two different rooms. The Skylight (sometimes written as Skylite) Room was on the roof. Louis Prima had a residency here in the early 1970s after he returned to New Orleans from Las Vegas. In 1974 the lease was handed over to the Dukes of Dixieland, who remain at what was called “Dukes’ Place” until 1985 when they moved to their own club. The other location was a supper nightclub, the Swan Room, on the ground level (apparently in the room adjacent to the Carousel Bar). It is said that Liberace performed here in the early 1950s (although it is not entirely clear whether he played the piano here as a performer or a guest). Singers, comedians and ventriloquists all appeared in the Swan Room. In recent years there has been a pianist in the Carousel Bar (installed in 1949, the seats round the bar rotate every 15 minutes). John Autin ended a 8 year residency in May 2011 as the Bar closed for refurbishments.

I saw John Autin and Jon Cleary here in May 2007.

Royal St by Monteleone hotel, New Orleans

Royal St by Monteleone hotel, New Orleans

The first images I've taken with my Super Shooter instant polaroid camera. I have to thank my friend Lenny for pointing me in the right direction in regards to film and giving me a minor education in the matter as I learned photography in the digital age, my knowledge of film was nil.
It's fun to be able to take an image and get instant gratification although it is like shooting in the dark since there is no review or in camera adjusting. The hardest things to master are of course the focus distance and the exposure. Film sure ain't cheap. At $11 for 10 pictures you gotta make everyone count!

hotel monteleone reviews

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