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Camera repair training : Vista update repair.

Camera Repair Training

camera repair training

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  • television camera: television equipment consisting of a lens system that focuses an image on a photosensitive mosaic that is scanned by an electron beam

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Black Five steam loco 45186 undergoes repairs at Oxley

Black Five steam loco 45186 undergoes repairs at Oxley

With less than month till closure of Oxley 2B shed near Wolverhampton repairs are still being carried out.

On February 18th 1967 Black Five No. 45186 is in the lifting shop and is having attention to the cylinders.

45186 was a regular Oxley loco till closure of that shed and saw out its days at Crewe South 5B for a few more months.

Withdrawn in September 1967 it was cut up at Arnott & Young West of Scotland Shipbreaking Co. Troon in March 1968.

The site of Oxley shed is now used for the storage and maintenance of the Pendelino (sic) express trains for the Euston services.

Taken with an old Kodak Brownie Twin 20 Camera.
Kodak 120 Black and White film.

The resulting negative was a difficult one to print in the old ‘wet’ darkroom with the exposure correct for the foreground but the inside of the shed very underexposed.

I had better luck with digital technology.
The negative was scanned with an Epson 4490 using Vuescan® (I never use bundled scanner software). I experimented with the Vuescan® settings eventually deciding on B&W negative, Kodak TMax 400 D76 Cl.40 in the colour tab.
The resulting 16 bit raw file was saved as a Photoshop dng file.
From this I processed the file to expose correctly for the foreground which further washed out the shadow detail inside the shed and saved the file in psd format.
The dng file was processed for a second time and exposed for the shadow areas to bring out as much detail as was available inside the shed. This second psd file completely blew out the highlight detail.
The two files were then layered together and using layer masks the correct detail from each file was revealed.
Once merged the image required a further few hours to clean followed by further exposure correction using levels layers set to different blending modes.

The result a better print than I had seen in over 40 years.

Rolleiflex 3.5F repair - the inner workings

Rolleiflex 3.5F repair - the inner workings

Yesterday the shutter on my Rolleiflex 3.5F jammed open. I am lucky to live near possibly the only Rollei-trained repair technician in the Southern Hemisphere, the 84-year old Mr Sargon Evanian. Just a quick phone call and I was round at his house, sipping Ribena while he took the machine to bits on the garden table. It was a windy day and I was quite worried that the many screws and tiny baffles that he removed would either get lost or be blown onto the ground. It is just amazing to watch this master craftsman at work. An octogenarian, he still has the dexterity of a 20-year old! He quickly diagnosed the problem as a broken spring (the camera is almost 50 years old), and even more amazingly, HE HAD A SPARE IN STOCK in his shed. After stripping down the side of the camera to reveal the inner workings, the broken spring was quickly replaced, and he soon had my beloved machine working again. They don't make 'em like that any more!
A big thank you to this generous and very capable man.

camera repair training

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