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Wood Repair Product - Piano Repairs

Wood Repair Product

wood repair product

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My front page "A Generation X Manifesto"

My front page

I wrote this in November 1994 - It was my response to all the anti-GenX rhetoric and we were inundated with.

A Generation X Manifesto

"Every generation blames the one before" - Mike and the Mechanics

"Slackers," "hackers," "moaners," "loners," "losers," "lollygaggers," "lollapaloozers," "anarchists," "anachronisms," "apathetic," "disaffected," "shifters," "drifters," "dropouts," "castaways," and "'Gilligans Island' junkies" are some of names the media pins on us. As if we deserve them! Generation X is a label. But whose label and whose definition? Our generation is not matured yet, so how can we name what's undecided? We seem to be a generation, not united by one cause, but by a seemingly endless number of causes. Perhaps X isn't so bad. It lacks specific implications. It, in a round about sort of way, accurately describes this generation, by not giving us a name, but a blank to fill in. No generation can be summed up in one name.

This generation is based on irony. Some merchandisers even target us with their products based on unattractiveness. Beverages are sold because they are not popular. Take the term "alternative." It means, as far as music goes, other than mainstream. Look at Billboard's top one hundred and you will see at least 35 of the top fifty songs are labeled alternative. Consumers are buying into the labels merchandisers place on songs, declaring them alternative when they are actually mainstream. Everything we do seems to be BTDT (Been There, Done That).

If we listen to what we call new music, our elders say it is only the music they listened to when they were kids, and our versions are less desirable. They should be flattered that we enjoy their music. Instead, they smile in smug satisfaction as if we aren't good enough to create our own. But we need peace and quiet to make something original and not to be discouraged by them or bombarded by the media 24 hours a day.

We are original in one respect: we are the first generation to live its entire sexual maturity under the threat of AIDS! While elders lived through war and "Leave it to Beaver," we live through the beginning of AIDS and MTV. In groups like Monument Mountain Regional High School's AIDS Coalition we deal with AIDS ourselves and take our destiny in our own hands. People faced syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, and genital warts until well into this century without the aid of penicillin, but there weren't any Syphilis coalitions, or student-operated Herpes Prevention groups. This is only one of the crushing burdens of the present moment that leads members of my generation to despair, and despair results in substance abuse, car wrecks, STD's, violence and suicide. "Sex, drugs and rock & roll," has been replaced by "AIDS, crack and rap & punk."

To avoid becoming conformists, we have to walk our own path. We have to reject the labels given to us by the media. The media works to define us and shape our morals and decisions. It asks us to take its ideals and call them our own. This is something we must not do. We have used the media in a constructive way by making it work for us instead of against us, educating people about problems that besiege our tiny planet, and sesting ways to solve them.

Like every generation of young people, we are never sure whether we should act like children or adults. Throughout our lives we are told to "act our age" or to be "more grown up." We are not trusted or given the same rights as adults, yet we are often expected to complete an equal, if different, workload. We are told we don't have the mentality or maturity to fully understand all the consequences that go along with responsibility. Our elders seem to think knowledge will hurt us until we are old enough to "understand."

One problem besieging young people today is that there is no clear transition between adulthood and childhood, no initiation. We can go to the movies by ourselves at age twelve, but we cannot drive ourselves there. We can vote, smoke and join the army when we are eighteen, but we cannot get a drink in a bar until we are twentyone. We can be married in many states at age sixteen, but in most places we cannot rent a car until we are twentyfive.

A lack of interest in our generation is evidenced by 30% of our national budget going toward care for the elderly and only 2% toward education, it is no wonder we think older people are taking the best piece of cake for themselves and leaving us with empty plates. It does not look like we have much to look forward to economically, yet at our young ages we are made to feel responsible for rescuing the environment, healing horrifying new diseases, and vanquishing poverty and violence. As if these problems themselves weren't bad enough, our

E & LS 202

E & LS 202

Escanaba and Lake Superior 202 DS4-1000 switches woodchip cars at the Pressed Board Factory at Ontonagan, MI. Canon EOS 2000 Canon 28~80mm lens Fujifilm 400

The Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad (E&LS) is a privately owned shortline railroad company operating in Northeastern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Under current ownership, the E&LS has expanded from the original core line of 65 miles that was purchased in 1978, to over 235 miles of operating railroad in 2005. The E.&L.S.R.R. is headquartered in Wells, MI, with an additional office located in Green Bay, WI.

The 208 mile mainline of the E&LS stretches from Ontonagon, MI on the shores of Lake Superior to Green Bay, WI. In addition to the mainline, two key branches are the 6-mile Stiles Junction, WI to Oconto Falls, WI line and the 21-mile Crivitz, WI to Marinette, WI/Menominee, MI line. Other lines owned by the E&LS include Channing, MI to Republic, MI, and Channing to Wells. The E&LS operates on trackage rights over the Canadian National Railroad from North Escanaba, MI to Pembine, WI. The E&LS connects with the Canadian National at Green Bay, North Escanaba, Pembine, and Iron Mountain, MI.


The E.&L.S.R.R. provides a minimum of 5 day per week service over the mainline from Ontonagon to Green Bay, and customizes service to meet shipper requirements in Oconto Falls and Marinette/Menominee. Seven road locomotives and 3 switch locomotives provide the power for operations over the system. The E&LS owns and/or leases a substantial car fleet that includes: 781 boxcars, 77 bulkhead flatcars, 4 gondolas, and 15 RBL’s for a total of 877 rail freight cars.


The E.&L.S.R.R. is privileged to serve a multitude of paper, forest products, and other manufacturing companies in Michigan and Wisconsin. The commodities transported by the E&LS include: medium corrugated or pulpboard, scrap paper, woodpulp, pulpwood logs, oriented strand board, lumber, wood bark, canned goods, steel, scrap metal, aggregate, chemicals, and agricultural items such as corn, grains, feed, and fertilizers.


Maintaining existing business as well as adding new customers have been the guiding principles for the ongoing marketing efforts of the E.&L.S.R.R. In conjunction with reliable and competitively priced rail service, the E&LS works with customer’s everyday to insure that their freight transportation requirements are met successfully. From customer service personnel to the operating department, the E&LS builds lasting business relationships in order to meet the challenges of moving freight by rail for shippers in Michigan and Wisconsin. Other services and assistance offered by the E&LS include:

· Industrial development and site planning

· State DOT finance programs for industrial spur track construction

· Truck transloading

· Contract car repairs for private and railroad owned car fleets

· Railcar Storage

wood repair product

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