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Registry repair boot disk : Hd repair utility.

Registry Repair Boot Disk

registry repair boot disk

    registry repair
  • Registry Repair is the process of identifying the missing and invalid references in your Windows registry and fixing it to optimize your PCs performance.

    boot disk
  • A boot disk is a removable digital data storage medium from which a computer can load and run (boot) an operating system or utility program. The computer must have a built-in program which will load and execute a program from a boot disk meeting certain standards.

  • A disk containing specific files or programs that allow a computer to startup. A boot disk can be in the form of a bootable CD, floppy disk or physical hard drive. Boot disks are usually required to effectively remove viruses with an antivirus application.

  • A floppy disk containing an operating system (in our case, the Linux kernel) from which a computer can be started.

Floppy disk heaven

Floppy disk heaven

What started out as wanting to create a virtual floppy image of some boot disks turned into a massive hunt through hundreds of the bers. This led to running unerase over the ones that seemed suspiciously blank (I guess they degrade over time), and ended with me managing to find my long lost code for an MS-DOS-based font editing GUI (which is rather cool). What a fun day it turned out to be!

Balancing floppies

Balancing floppies

It's 2006, i'm almost 24. I haven't owned a working floppy disk drive in years. The last time I needed to use a floppy disk was when I needed a boot-disk to install OpenBSD on my Toshiba Libretto using it's external drive.

(Photo by Summer)

registry repair boot disk

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